The Nanogun Airmix® spray gun GNM 6080 control module is so easy to use! | SAMES KREMLIN

Hello, my name is Bruno Leichte from SAMES KREMLIN. I’m Sales Manager for Germany, Switzerland and Austria. Today I would like to present to you our new manual electrostatic Airmix® gun Nanogun Airmix®. It’s the perfect combination of Airmix® atomization and electrostatic. It’s suitable for almost all markets and applications. Our Nanogun Airmix® consists of a manual gun and a control module. The high voltage for creating an electrical field is created by an integrated cascade inside of the gun. The control module is connected to the gun with a low voltage cable. We deliberately didn’t integrate the control module into the gun. This is why this manual gun is much lighter and considerably more robust. Basically, our Airmix® technology is a high pressure atomization with an overlaid air atomization.

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