The Nanogun Airmix® spray gun: the ideal choice for my business? | SAMES KREMLIN

Hello, my name is François Morales I work as Business Developer Manager at SAMES KREMLIN Today, I am happy to present you the benefits and markets of our new Airmix® electrostatic gun Which is the typology of your parts? Their morphology may be: that of a tubular or perforated profile, or of a flat plate with one or two plies, or also of medium to large size parts Which productivity gains can you expect from our Nanogun Airmix® ? a gain on the application time of the order of 30% with wet paint layers up to 90 microns in one single pass. while keeping an outstanding quality finish, close to the one of the airspray technology. What are the privileged markets?
In the Metal, the Nanogun Airmix® is perfect for dedicated applications: Agricultural Machinery and Forest Equipment, Railways and Trailers, and for Steel Structures. and in the Wood Market, the Nanogun Airmix® is also perfect, for dedicated applications: to the protection of facades, wood fences and wooden claddings. Dear customers and future customers, I invite you to visit our website or contact our sales department, to request for a demonstration.

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