The New American Wing Galleries for Paintings, Sculpture, and Decorative Arts Gallery Views

HECKSCHER: The Met has been
collecting American art since its founding in 1870, but it wasn’t till 1924
that it opened a wing of its own devoted to American art. And now, in 2012, we’re
completing the evolution. We worked with the museum’s
architect of long standing, Kevin Roche, to provide spaces
that would be congenial for our collections. The challenge we had
for the architect was to make architecture work
in the cause of art. It’s hugely important
that these collections are shown to their best advantage. This final phase
of the reconstruction of the American Wing includes the principal galleries
for the display of our collections
of American paintings of the 18th, 19th,
and early 20th century, together with many
of the sculptures. There are also galleries
devoted to the decorative arts in the 18th century. The suite of galleries is the
culmination of nearly ten years of planning and developing and
rebuilding of the American Wing. The result is a series
of skylit picture galleries which hark back in their
general scale and lighting to the 19th century, to the
European Beaux Arts tradition of public picture galleries. You will see
our signature picture, Emanuel Leutze’s “Washington
Crossing the Delaware.” All around
that extra-large gallery, with the Leutze at its center, there is a panorama
of American art pictures, with particular attention
paid to the Hudson River School of the mid-19th-century artists. And it has been my great
pleasure over the last decade to guide and supervise the total renovation
of the American Wing. The Met has been collecting
American art for over 140 years, and so it’s one of the oldest
and richest and deepest collections of the arts
of the United States in any museum.


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    I'm so happy this is finally open. Looks great!

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    nice choice of wall color

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    Beautiful addition! Congrats!

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    India( Maharashtra)

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