The new MacBook – Design

The new MacBook is the result of
a collective obsession to simplify
its essential components to create the most
efficient design possible. It’s a product that
couldn’t exist without invention across
many disciplines. A full-size keyboard
is the most familiar, comfortable, and
accurate typing platform. It defined the width
of the new MacBook. To make it thinner
and more precise, we created a sturdy, single-assembly butterfly
mechanism. Combined with a new
stainless steel dome switch, this reinforces the keyboard’s
balance and stability. Each individual key is
now lit by a single LED. This enables better,
more deliberate illumination. ♪ Music playing ♪ A Retina display delivers the very best viewing
experience. To engineer the thinnest
Retina screen for a Mac, we’ve refined every
component — from the glass
down to the pixels. It delivers the vivid brightness
and performance you’d expect, but in a design that’s
thinner, lighter, and 30% more power efficient. We’ve designed a force-sensing,
multi-touch track pad. This adds a new
dimension of interaction. Touch sensors make the
entire glass surface active. Force sensors measure
a wide range of pressure — from the lightest tap
to the deepest press. The pressure you apply
activates an electromagnet that responds with
tactile feedback. So now instead of just seeing
what’s happening on the screen, you feel it, too. ♪ To make all-day
battery life possible, we have developed new
battery technologies. We actually changed
the construction and internal
chemistry of the cells, which are now manufactured
in discrete sheets. These sheets are stacked
in a terrace structure that was developed along
with the external enclosure. The design allows for 35%
greater battery capacity in this compact space. To maximize performance, we took an extreme approach
to miniaturization. Components were optimized
and engineered to fit together to create the highest-density
Mac logic board yet. It’s actually two-thirds smaller than any we’ve
designed before. A fundamental goal was to
eliminate the need for vents, fans, or any moving parts — allowing it to
operate in silence. By consolidating the
antenna with the bottom case, we were able to design an
integrated aluminum hinge. This innovation — along with its unibody
enclosure — makes this the first
all-metal MacBook. ♪ This product is not
only thin and light, its advanced
wireless technologies make it truly portable. When you actually
need to plug in, the new USB Type-C
connector is a single port for charging, video output,
and data transfer. The result of all of this is a product that’s only
13.1 mm thick and weighs just two pounds. ♪ To create the new MacBook, we were uncompromising in
its design and engineering. We set a new
standard for portability, while enhancing its
fundamental components. To deliver,
what we believe, is the best MacBook yet.

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