The Painter – documentary film (English subtitles included)

My name is Sebastian and I come from Peru. I am a painter and an artist. The techniques I use in my paintings are diverse. I use every possible material I have on hand. For example, I use spray a lot as well as oil paintings and acrylic colors. I basically use the color as the base for my paintings. I apply it let’s say in a spontaneous and innocent way and I try to simply experiment with colours, and try to make a lot of painting. I don’t stop painting, drawing; it really is my passion. What I try to do as well is; I try to create some kind of a graphic concept for myself, my own identity; I feel at ease with what I create and what I do. I put a lot of symbols in my paintings I also do a lot of direct color lines, like direct brushstrokes on the canvas in order to express movement, strength and certainty in the composition. I believe this is a form of expression, and I use it constantly in my paintings. Basically it is almost automatic painting. Creating basically means sharing my art with everybody. I want people to enjoy it. With this I want a better future for myself. Some kind of experience and then, with the energy they have, get their feedback and keep creating and working on what I do. That’s me and this is what I do.

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