The Pink Painter Show | Pink Panther and Pals

(doorbell rings) (door creaks) (aristocratic music playing) ♪ ♪ (pops, sputters) (laughing) (chuckles) (curtains thud) (dance music playing) (humming) doink! (coughing) (straw rustles) HUH? (chuckling) (chuckling) AAH! (broom creaking) crash! (groaning) (light switch clicks) (spotlight buzzing) (banjo music playing) (humming to music) ♪ ♪ (light bulbs shattering) (fire crackling) (whimpering) (blowing) AAH! AAH HA! ding! (groaning) OH! (hook clanks) (straining) screech! (growling) (eyelid snaps) (laughing sinisterly) (paint sloshes) sscreech! HUH? UH… (bucket clanks) (muttering) AAH! crash! (groaning) clank! smack! (sobbing) (laughing sinisterly) (paint sloshes) (cackling) (shadow cackling) (snaps) (pulleys squeaking) screech! (sobbing) UH-OH. (straining) (canvas creaking) thud! AAH! (panting) (laughing) (humming taunting melody) (laughing) (squeaking) (squeaking) (squeaking) (squeaking) (paint gurgling) (gasps) RRR! smack! (shouts) thud! (growling) (toilet flushing) AAH! (woman screams) (chuckles) OHHH! OH! (birds tweeting) (growls) (hook clanks) (straining) (laughing) (paint hisses) (paint spraying) (cackling) AH! HA HA! WHOA! WHOA! (paint gurgling) (growling) OH OH! AAH! OHH! (straining) OOH! (crowd oohs and ahhs) (straining) (paint creaking) (straining) (muttering) (applause) (sobbing)

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