The Pinstriper – Lyle Fisk | The Craftsmen Series

– My name is Edward Lyle Fisk. My dad named me that but
he never called me Edward. He always called me Lyle. People know me as a pinstriper. That would be probably the hot meal. Doing what I do right
now was though the advent of being 13 or 14 years old,
coming home from school, I would go down an alley on my way home. And I would go by this guy’s sign shop. And I would always look in there, and it was very interesting
to see what he was doing. And then my dad went in there
to have his truck lettered, for the company he worked for. And the guy that owned the sign shop said Lyle comes by here on his
bicycle every day from school, tell him to stop and come in, ’cause I could use some help. And that was really a springboard to learning what I learned. And you learn how to handle a brush, you know how to load it, you know what it will do, how to mix colors and how to reduce it. And then I saw a guy
striping a car in a magazine, and I went ballistic. So I had a ’48 Chevrolet, primered, and I striped the lid on it
and drove by the corner bank where we all hung out. It got so much attention,
I couldn’t even believe it. And it looked like a chicken
probably, was scratching on it. Didn’t have a lot of form or
anything, but it was striped and it was a brand new
thing coming into play. People just, they went nuts over it. – Also this morning, a Ramona
man with the steadiest hand in the county. Have you ever noticed those
fancy razor thin pinstripes that you see on the sides of so many automobiles these days? And have you ever wondered if those pinstripes are done
by machine or freehand? And if by hand, who has one
steady enough to do the job? Well, automobile artist
Lyle Fisk of Ramona does. One of a handful of
professional pinstripers and creators of vehicle
arts in the nation. – The one nice thing
I like about my job is when I start on a car they bring it to me completely painted. Everything is finished and
I do the icing, so to speak. I do all of the things that it takes to enhance the car after it’s painted. – What a fabulous artist he is. – Ah, and steady. – Oh, he should be a
surgeon, too, you know? – At one time there was only like six or seven of us that striped. Ed Roth and Dutch and
some of these other guys, Watson, but we were all
here in the California area. So I was very fortunate to have been in the right place at the right time. There’s a sign in our town that says, retire like you mean it. Well, what does that mean? Does that mean you’re so glad you’re not gonna be able to work what you’ve been doing the last 25 years? See that doesn’t make any sense to me. If you’re healthy enough to continue, why don’t you continue? I mean, I get tired and frustrated and all the things that go along with it, but I’m doing what I really like to do. But I am getting older, every day. But I like getting the brush in my hand and trying to embellish something. My name is Edward Lyle Fisk. I’m called Lyle Fisk,
and I’m a pinstriper.


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  • Majid Shaukat

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  • TheKillerjohny

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    RESPECT Sir!

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  • Mr. GTO

    Such a talented bunch of artists.!!!! Ed Roth pinstriped my 1967 GTO at Turlock back in 1991. He made it look so easy and did it right in the middle of the swap meet area.. Remember to HONK…!!

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    Brothers of the Brush! 🙂

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  • Lula429 Roberts2

    I restored my parents car a 1979 Ford LTD Landau 2 door. The only new car they ever bought. When it came to the pinstripe, I wanted done by hand. That was in 2001.To this day, It looks as it was done yesterday by the remarks people make when they see it. Finding someone to do this type of work today is hard. By the way the LTD has over 500,000 miles!

  • Ger Ruddy

    Great to see this master craftsman at work, should pass on the skills to the next generation

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  • Matthew Shambler

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  • Hugh-John Fleming

    A considerable chunk of my formative years were spent in Toluca Lake, just bicycle moments from Barris Custom. The front window was always fun but on the side of the building you could poke your nose in, those many years ago, and watch goggle eyed as these masters worked.

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    Holy crap, this guy did the stripes on my first Vette, a '75 I bought in 90 with my re-enlistment bonus in the Navy. I didn't know he was such a big deal, I just thought he was a kick ass pinstriper!

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    I'm in the Local 510 Sign and Display union in SF, some of our senior members started as sign painters and they would hand letter etc.. There is a shop in SF now with a younger guy doing those signs again. I do vinyl a lot but the way they did it before is amazing. You can see the old Coca Cola or older hand painted advertisements around SF on the side of buildings if you know where to look.

  • My Creation

    This is my Dream job but unfortunately i am a software engineer . I am quitting my profession as a software engineer right now. Thanks for sharing this video from tomorrow looking to learn pinstripping

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    Been pulling lines for 30+ years now and the only downfall is the fact that you can't just hire someone to work for you. If you want the job done right, you have to do it for yourself. No two stripers do the same work. I'm sure I have my own style compared to others.

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  • James Browne

    I live in Ramona and bought a new 2000 black short bed Silverado and brought it to Lyles shop in Ramona to have him put traditional flames on it pinstriped in blue. I kept that truck for 14 yrs and sold it to my friends who kept it for another 4 yrs and the flame job and striping looked like it did in 2000. I remember Lyle was doing a goldleaf job on a red antique fire engine as i recall. I found him to be a class act. JB


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