The science behind the TAC’s sculpture ‘Graham’, TAC 2016

I’m James O’Loghlin. I’d like to introduce you to one of
the most innovative ideas I’ve seen for saving lives on our roads. Modern cars are the safest
they’ve ever been – we know airbags, automatic braking
and other innovations make it safer than ever
to get behind the wheel. Yet people are still dying
and getting seriously injured on our roads. So an accident research engineer
and a trauma surgeon collaborated with an artist
known around the world for her thought-provoking,
human-like creations. After intensive sessions
learning about the science behind the forces involved
in an accident and the impact that it has
on the human body, Patricia was asked
to create her interpretation of what we’d need to evolve into in order to survive
a low-speed accident. The result is Graham. He’s a world first in road safety, a unique educational tool
designed to make people stop and consider their own vulnerability. A school curriculum
and an interactive website have been developed and Graham will also use
the first application of Google’s new Tango technology to let people literally see
beneath his skin to understand just how much
we would need to change our bodies in order to survive an accident. Meet Graham.

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