Hey I need food! Well done me! Come get your food now! FOOD! You better like it (Annoying time skip noises) Milk sounds good since we have nothing better apparently (Dam that much for a glass of milk) I will cry over spilt milk! (A wild mop appears) That is much cleaner *Cheering noises* Stupid chair even though that’s a stool Let me out Mario! (who) Why would you do that! I need to pee (Book about romance) *sniff sniff* Gross, arm pits I have a tv And a computer I also direct movies so we should woohoo I play basketball! Yeah well.. I have a fish! I have a red car! I drink malk I mean Milk Yum Yum *What the hell* Yep that’s a d*ck (Dancing montage) EAT MY ASTROID (Actually just a dumb thinking game) *BOOM* DAMMIT I could eat right now (Disco hair because of toast)

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