The Sketch Show – Imaginary Friends (Fin Sub)

well hello everyone and welcome to the Imaginary Friends help group as I’m sure all three of you are aware six sorry as I’m sure all six of you are aware we’re here to help you overcome your psychological excuse me I’m really sorry I actually wanted Alcoholics Anonymous oh right yes that’s not here but if you put next door I’m sure they’ll be able to help you with your problem I know it’s not me as the alcoholic it’s Gordon I think actually you are in the right room let’s make a start shall we hello I’m Karen and this is my boyfriend Tony have you had your imaginary boyfriend well he arrived just after my real boyfriend left me for another woman right and what was your real boyfriend called Tony that one okay and you are my name’s Tim and I am Lawrence’s imaginary friend nari yes he invented me during a lonely childhood and I’ve been around ever since okay I hope you don’t mind me asking what do you think cause these delusions lots of ladies she’s trying to help you miss you to making it up is it I’m not drinking myself but if it stops him gaining it’s worth it you should be next door could you just five imaginary Tony to us yeah well as you can see he’s got rotten teeth wrapped in acne and he stinks which means gonna be interesting him which means you’ll never leave me so you can get your adds up in you I’m not interested I can’t see him yeah well I couldn’t see him first that’s that finished you better not have any more in there no you haven’t right well what the pub yes but I’m gonna come and keep me eye on you all righty mate you coming don’t look at me I don’t exist oh yeah Lawrence Tony he’s not going anywhere look just stay where you are the point of this meeting is to ensure that you see that your imaginary friends are just figments of your own imagination you’re listening to this probably by your own issues of loneliness and isolation and when you realize that you’ll be able to move forward all the more easily so I think that we should take a view finish with this room yet oh just a minute okay I think we’ve had a very we’ve done very well


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