The Truth About Danielle From American Pickers

Danielle Colby is a dancer, an artist, a mother,
an activist, and a filmmaker, but you probably know her best for her role on History Channel’s
smash hit American Pickers. When she’s not out picking through weird,
old artifacts herself, Colby holds down the fort at American Archaeology, the Iowa-based
home base for the show. Here are a few fast facts about Colby’s fascinating
life. Colby found her domestic life in trouble after
American Pickers debuted in 2004 and quickly became a massive success. She told WQAD in 2012 that her new life wasn’t
a good fit for her first husband, saying, “Fame and notoriety are not easy for him to
deal with at all, so the relationship ended up not working out.” While her first marriage did not last, Colby
says her ex is a great father, and it’s clear from her Instagram that she’s very close with
her two kids. She told WQAD that her favorite tattoos are
the ones her children drew for her: a circle on one hand drawn by her son and a heart on
the other drawn by her daughter. Not only was Colby a roller derby player,
she was also the owner of a team, The Big Mouth Mickies. Unfortunately, as Colby puts it, quote, “the
shelf life of a roller derby girl is like three to five years,” since the sport is known
for tearing you up. There’s a reason their matches are called
bouts! Happily, many of the Mickies went on to accompany
Colby in her pursuit of burlesque, proving that the bonds of roller derby are durable
indeed. What is built on the track is built to last. Colby’s primary passion outside the world
of picking is burlesque. As Dannie Diesel, she performs with a shimmering
wardrobe of gowns, gloves, and props. She’s backed by her band, Gin Rummy, with
whom she’s traveled the country. While Colby’s love of burlesque stems in part
from an appreciate for glitz and glamor, it’s an ideological pursuit as well. She told the Bemidji Pioneer in 2017, “A lot of people are very nipped and tucked
in the striptease industry, so to go out there with a natural body and try to make people
emote with you and laugh and enjoy a moment where everybody feels a little vulnerable,
that’s the appeal.” As one of the co-hosts and principal “pickers”
of the show, Mike Wolfe is among the most important and visible parts of American Pickers. But his relationship with Colby goes back
far further than their time together on screen. As she told Yuppie Punk in 2010, Mike had
been “picking” for 20 years prior to the show and she had zero hesitation in signing on
when the History Channel decided to take a chance on him. “[Mike had] been a really dear friend of mine
for almost ten years — and he has helped me on all of my projects for about ten years
— so I knew without a doubt, if he was a part of [American Pickers], not only would
it be successful, but it would be kickass too.” People tend to assume Colby and Wolfe have
a romantic history, when they do not. Colby confessed, “I get a lot of emails from people asking
if me and Mike are married. Well, Mike’s taken. And not by me!” Colby’s hobbies extend beyond tattoos, picking,
roller derbies, and burlesque: she’s also fascinated by bugs. She has an enormous tattoo of a fly on her
forearm, in fact, done by Chewie, a tattoo artist from Moline, Illinois. When interviewed in 2010, Colby gushed over
her ink — Chewie also did her knuckle tattoos, which read “HOLD FAST,” and and the plan was
for her work to go much, much bigger. “She’ll be finishing my left arm, which is
all entomology. I love bugs.” Colby is also an ardent philanthropist who
has donated her time, money, and publicity to more than a few charities, organizations,
and causes including Hurricane Maria relief work in Puerto Rico. One that’s dear to her heart is Batey Girls,
part of the Batey Rehab Project, which sells jewelry to help provide economic opportunities
for girls and women in the Dominican Republic at high risk of sex trafficking and domestic
violence. Colby’s website and social media accounts
are all boldly emblazoned with the group’s colorful logo and a link to their website
— one that’s certainly worth the click. What more could Colby possibly pack into her
life? Well, it turns out there’s one more field
she’s intent on conquering: the world of documentary filmmaking. Colby’s most notable credit as of the making
of this video is as executive producer on the documentary Tempest Storm: World’s Oldest
Exotic Dancer. Storm, who has been linked to everyone from
JFK to Elvis Presley, blew up her life when she committed to a then-controversial interracial
marriage, and spends much of the film looking to reconcile with her estranged family. Colby positively gushes when it comes to describing
her part in the production, both as a historian and as a fellow dancer. She wrote on her Facebook page, “Thank you for paving the way for the rest
of us B Grrrls. I can’t wait to perform with you in Vegas
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