The Truth… Fenty Beauty Concealer & Setting Powder

what’s up everybody welcome back to my
channel!l hi, how are ya? now in today’s video we’re going to be reviewing the
new releases from Fenty Beauty! now bitch listen here.. there is a lot of stuff here!
Fenty Beauty basically set the tone for foundations when anyone hears Fenty they
think.. girl, that foundation range every brand is quivering and shaking! now let
me say this from someone that has been reviewing Fenty since the birth of it in
2017 they have put out a lot of products a lot of bangers a few misses a few
moments that we had to sledgehammer Oh hmm I miss those days it was ten days
ago okay but I think it’s really awesome because Rihanna really set the stage for
brands putting out foundation in the future girl if you’re forgetting
people’s undertones if you really want to do a lackluster shade range we’re not
gonna have it… which we have seen countless times with brands still let’s
move on to the review plenty beauty let’s see what you got in store for me
all right you guys I am excited to play with this I love skin products I love
concealers I love powders I love to see if a brand can bring it now this is
Rihanna’s first concealer and setting powder launch of course in her very
first launch she put out the universal blotting powder which I love this
MMMMMitchell always puts this on under my eyes and for like meet and greets and
advance bitch it makes you’re like under eyes laid no creasing here but well the
other stuff perform like this I don’t know now I did log on YouTube to see if
there was anyone reviewing this yet only thing I really saw it was paid
sponsorships now fancy girl you can pay anyone to review it but bitch no one’s
paying me so today the truth is coming out alright you guys now I got four of
the lightest shades you guys know I love a really lifting and light concealer I
am very fair so I will put on a foundation today I don’t really live for
the Fendi foundation I did review it a while ago I will link that down below I
did like it I felt like it was really drying it’s so pretty it just you kind
of have to finesse it throughout the day so I’m just gonna put on a normal
foundation like I would when I review any concealer and then we will try it
with this I got shades 100 110 120 and 140 it
didn’t get one thirty because it said it was very well liked warming
you guys know and bear okay so let’s unbox these let’s swatch them and let’s
get them on my face alright now we do have two cameras today like always I
will say this I got a facial yesterday from Miss Yoli glow and she extracted a
lot of my pores so I have a lot of redness here no I do not have acne I
just have a lot of extractions going on here so it’ll be good to see though how
the product works now let’s dive into this where’s the unicorns bitch alright
so here is what the packaging looks like for the pro filter instant retouch
concealer of course standard fancy packaging we live for it now what is
this supposed to do now this does have 0.27 fluid ounces instant photo soft
coverage for all long wear light as air and crease proof oh and brands say that
mmm okay we’re gonna see if it’s grease proof let’s see it so the bottle when
you unbox it it looks like this no as I said I did buy four shades so we will
swatch them all in a second Oh almost dropped one alright so here is what they
look like I will give you guys some swatches on my hand right now
now the concealer retails for $26 and I think that’s pretty good
but also there is a concealer brush which is $26 and I’m like Rihanna why is
the brush the same price as the concealer now we all know you can put on
concealer with your fingers you can do it with a beauty sponge you can do it
with a any brush on the planet so when brands put out their own brushes I’m
down to try them is it a necessity absolutely not at $26 girl and let me
guess it has to be a synthetic brush it’s concealer hello it’s a liquid
product yes 100% synthetic so $26 is a little much for a brush now as someone
that makes products I do know that the cost of goods to this is probably very
low like a dollar so girl the up sale is wild all right let’s start swatching
these shade 100 rule it looks really light so if you’re someone that has a
hard time finding a light concealer girl the shade already is like good morning
so there is shade 100 okay not bad I love smelling things to see if it’s like
crazy is it weird let me put some more on the brush no just kind of like like
not paint just kind of like makeup this is like
smells like makeup which I don’t mind at all
let’s do 110 okay a little darker huh that might be good for me we’ll see I
love a really uplifting look so I don’t mind a really like stark concealer but
let’s do the other two here is 120 let’s see how she looks
Oh a lot darker when you really put them next to each other okay I was thinking
maybe using 120 but I don’t know and then the other one is 140 let’s see what
that one looks like oh wow yeah that is way too dark for me okay so there is all
four I think I’m gonna go with 110 we’ll see in a second now let’s put them on in
a minute on the website it says to start with the thin layer build as needed a
little goes a long way so that’s good because you know some of these people be
putting on a half a bottle under the eye and I’m like oh how are you gonna blend
that girl that is rough so a little goes a long way love that it says apply
directly under the eyes or over blemishes use the brush or a makeup
sponge alright you guys let’s get to it so of course I need some foundation on
my skin now if you’re someone that is just on the go that likes to just wear
concealer I’m literally gonna do face primer excuse me and then I’m just gonna
do one side with concealer blend it out just to see how it looks with no
foundation and then I’ll put a foundation on the rest of my face all
right so I’m gonna prime my skin before I do anything and hey it’s a fancy
review girl let’s use the Fenty Beauty Pro filter instant retouch primer okay
so I like this primer because it is a little hydrating it’s cute so let’s just
put her on all over the skin hi we want to be really hydrated today girl alright so I’m gonna put on the
concealer on the right side of my face with no foundation first and then we’ll
see what happens now this is shade 110 let’s see if it’s too light for me or
just right alright it says a little goes a long way so all this – how about that
like you know I wanna do more so guys let’s just see what happens now let’s
try the brush I hate putting on concealer with the brush that’s just not
my preferred method but let’s do it oh wow this is really brightening but I
love it once there’s like actually foundation on my skin it’s going to look
really good now if you’re someone that doesn’t like a brightening effect stick
to the same shade as your foundation I’m someone that loves a really crazy
under-eye because I am trying to look not human so if you’re someone that
doesn’t like that of course go to your you know your shade alright Wow
this brush actually I don’t know why I was gonna I was gonna be a little
skeptical because synthetic brushes are not always the best but this quality is
great it blended out the concealer really nice is it a little bright for me
yes and I I love that so let’s look at the difference between the right side
with of course now the concealer versus the other side with just depression
anxiety and fear alright now I’m gonna put on some foundation I what am I gonna
use I have so many in front of me let’s just go with oh my god an old-time
favorite Giorgio Armani luminous silk I use this on my channel in 16 in probably
every video this will make me look a little more golden which I love we’re
gonna take our little morphe Beauty sponge I love this it’s so soft and
let’s put on some foundation all right Foundation is on that
under-eye bitch is highlighted 110 maybe I’m actually shook it may be a little
too bright for me I’m gonna go in with 120 a tiny bit and let’s just do that
right there hello I’m actually just gonna do it with
this sponge quickly and let’s see what happens all right now as I’m blending it
into the skin it’s blending really nicely a little does go a long way it’s
spreading nice as I’m blending sometimes you’ll blend things and it just kind of
like stays and gets stuck there this one is blending really nice and pretty I
didn’t know what to expect I’m like okay this is Rihanna’s first concealer how
are we gonna feel about it let’s see so far so good it does look really
beautiful under the eye so far all right let’s move on to this side of my face hi
left side I know you feel left out now I am gonna take 120 and 110 and let’s do a
little bit of mixing I’m just gonna dab on a little bit of 110 in here oh wow
okay now the beauty sponge will absorb some of the product so if I were to
blend out this side with the brush I feel like it would be really cakey so
let’s just go in with the beauty sponge whoa okay looking cute let’s do this
chin whoa okay so the concealer is fully
blended out on this side and this side what are we thinking guys let’s talk
about it it is looking kind of luminous maybe it’s the primer maybe it’s the
foundation hi luminous silk or regardless if it’s the foundation then
primer or not the concealer is a soft matte but it looks really nice on the
skin I am gonna apply a little bit more on the forehead and the nose where I
normally would let’s give it its best chance no stone unturned here hi alright
that blended up really easy and I definitely could add a little bit more
if I wanted to but I think it’s the perfect amount for what I need I do have
some discoloration under my eyes just from just from living okay
it’s been a long life but it covered up everything it looks really nice now I do
want to quickly set this so hi there’s a new setting powder now we’re gonna move
quickly onto that before this fully dries so high setting powder how are ya
all right now the fenty Beauty Pro filter instant retouch setting powder
looks like this it retails for $32 there are eight shades which is amazing by the
way we didn’t even fully grasp how many concealer shades there were for this
brand we’ll talk about it in the outro but the setting powders have eight
shades which is amazing I grabbed butter and lavender I’m not really sure what
lavender means for this brand is it really really brightening or wow so
here’s the packaging of course the hexagon moment excuse my fingerprints hi
now I was seeing oh okay it has a long sticker you guys know I hate when you
can barely open these it’s like the worst thing on the planet
all right BAM there’s that now I did see some people online asking about like a
top thing and voila if you do not look in the box there is this hidden here and
pull it out and this goes on top of your setting powder I love that they included
that they did not have to do that but they went the extra mile so
if you’re someone that travels a lot or your stuff gets messy when you’re done
with the powder take this little guy pop it right on top and you will not spill
when you open it the next time amazing love it now also there is a new powder
puff setting brush this retails for $34 two dollars more than the powder I’m
shook I’m like girl come on are you serious okay but it does feel
like a nice synthetic quality brush so we will try this today on one side of my
face with a concealer and the powder over it now there was another shade
called butter let’s see what that looks like oh okay kind of like an ivory
yellow bone color and then the lavender let’s see how she looks oh wow it looks
like my hoodie I’m kind of living okay so let’s just set the concealer now
before you ever want to set your concealer you take your sponge one last
time baby and you gently press out any of the creasing because once you set it
baby it is set for the rest of the night all right so we are good let’s take the
brush I’m gonna use the lavender side fuck it
oh it’s on there is that too much okay there we go oh my god no no yet the brush is like not my favorite thing
to put on setting powder with if you know what I mean I like more like
concentrated brushes like this little guy like I love just dipping in and mmm
but this came with it let’s see let’s put a little more on mmm actually smells
really good it’s kind of Anneli II okay so let’s take the mirror and let’s see
how it looks up close whoa are you guys seeing this
no it’s bizarre looking in the mirror it’s like right there it’s not as bright
almost like it’s like a nude do you see that or no let’s really zoom in on that
like full 4k that is really weird why would it change the color you know what
I mean you know yeah like why would it only change right there yeah it’s so
weird and it’s this is the lavender powder that’s weird
okay so let’s take the Beauty sponge let’s go back to this side and let’s
just press this in on this side and see what happens I’m a little shook okay
let’s just press this in okay now let’s give it a second what do
you guys think I want to quickly set the chin but I’m gonna use to shade butter
just for fun all right this has no more powder on it from the other shade let’s
take a butter and let’s hit me with the chin there okay actually like that shade
better it looked a little yellow in the packaging but I don’t mind it on the
face now this side does not have that weirdness can we zoom in right there do
you see that how it’s kind of patchy or no it’s just kind of weird in drawing
right there I wonder what it would look like if I set it with like a Laura
Mercier or something else not sure but obviously if it’s the powder that comes
with the concealer you think it would work perfectly but it is a little weird
now remember on this side I did apply only concealer on this side that has
Foundation and concealer so it is gonna look slightly different I just this is
so weird okay let’s take the spines let’s just
take shade butter okay I don’t want to over powder because we all know that’s
gonna make it look more drying and I do not have dry under eyes but I just want
to lightly put that over and see if anything else happens it kind of helped
let me brush off the excess okay let’s zoom in on that part again oh I mean it
kind of helped yeah it’s not the best but it’s alright kind of huh yeah it’s
still kind of thick draggy in little patches almost like the powder picked up
well let’s take shade butter and let’s finish off the rest of the face alright
so we just pause for five minutes to let everything settle let’s do a quick look
everybody alright now this it’s hard to tell what product is making my under
eyes look so dry I think it’s the powder because when the concealer was on before
this it looked really nice so I almost regret setting it but hi it’s a review
and she put out some powders and we had to test them so I’m not sure but I know
I put two colors on this side so he may be like oh no honey my skin is butter
okay no teeth I might have tried to be fucking coffee or dramatic bitch her
skin’s good yeah I’m not sure I do want to put on some bronzer and hi
light and just kind of see how it you know looks over the next few hours I
definitely want to do a wear test because it’s only been on for like 10
minutes so let me put on a few more products and we shall see how it looks
shortly all right we put a little bronzer on and I forgot something that I
had so this guy came out perfect timing a month or two ago it was that beautiful
sera ski crystal cheek hugging highlight brush and the kilowatt highlighter this
was three hundred and fifty dollars for two items and I was like you know what
it’s supporting charity and it’s blingy I need it so this was for a foundation
that Rihanna is a part of maybe she created it sorry I don’t know the full
story but look at this packaging you guys what hell the brush looks epic whoa
look at that oh hello it’s mesmerizing I’m like mmm now the highlighter I don’t
even know what shade this is let’s open it up oh it is the diamond to ball out
shade look at the packaging oh hi so let’s open it up oh wow it’s not like
straight-up Silver Surfer shade let’s give it a swatch oh wow it’s
like butter oh that would be a really sick eyeshadow on my cheekbones hmm I’m
a little I’m scared to put this collar on let’s just swatch it right here oh my
god I don’t know about that on my cheeks you guys should try a little bit okay
let’s do it okay I’m a little scared to put this on my face because it looks
like it is like whoa on the skin I don’t know let’s see I’m
scared I’m gonna do a little bit in case it flops oh my god that looks like kind
of like a pencil lid on my face no thank you I don’t like it really pretty packaging
but this shade is not for me quickly trying to remove oh my god I wish it was
like the gold one weren’t a burst like we should have made a few other shades
but hey souvenirs you guys that shake it was not it I’m gonna dip it to the mama
Mitchell be perfect sub-zero palette I keep going into this palettes it’s so
good and like this oh oh look at that I see look yes honey you know Mitchell
does he’ll take the highlighter and then I’ll take a spray like the morphe one
I’ll spray it I’m gonna let this sit for a minute and he may be thinking what yes
he just let this sit for a minute hi girl how are ya and then he does this
and he’s like hi Jonah like facetune in real life and I was like yes I do
look at that oh the only thing is we all know highlighter brings out our texture
I do have one poor that’s been missing for about 10 years and she’s right there
and I did not use any pore filling stuff today but who gives a fuck bitch alright
you guys I just thrown a little bit of highlighter some mascara just so I
didn’t look dead I’m about to go on Twitch and do some live streaming with
Nathan and Zach but we are gonna be doing some check ins so how will this a
product look in a few hours in five hours and eight hours you guys will find
out so sit tight and you guys are about to watch some vlog footage and then at
the end of this we will see what is Jeffery star approved and what isn’t
right now I have some thoughts some great some not so I will see you guys
shortly alright so it’s been an hour it actually just stopped raining the ground
is wet everything’s wet including me but the Sun just cracked open so let’s pull
out our mirror here and let’s see how we’re doing after an hour
oh wow okay I was expecting it to be a little more dry like it was looking in
the studio but it’s been on for over an hour now and look at the highlight of it
it’s not bad the concealer is definitely medium to full which I lived for and the
powder is it’s holding up it actually looks pretty good so first hour we’re
good so we are setting up our set up to do pinball on our twitch account okay
they’re not making dinner music right music stand I used to be in Banat Zach
used to be in band mm-hmm I used to play the trumpet all dick jokes aside I tried
drumming totally I just couldn’t do it oh yeah the trumpet was sick come again
come again so we’re gonna play some pinball tonight can I ask you a random
question mate Nate’s like here we go what’s going on
okay so we just did a review on concealers and powders oh so Chris them
on the side got it do I like busted crusted flawless great just look under
here I mean it looks fun I mean like smooth it doesn’t look like it’s it’s
not creasing huh not really which for the first hour three to go
sometimes it’s about formula you never know yeah no I mean it looks pretty good
it doesn’t look too man I mean maybe over time it looks like it might pace a
little bit but but we’ll see soon yes we okay cool all right so what are we gonna
do to get this set up I just want to try it tonight like let’s let’s just play
we’re fine you gotta throw the cameras on this bad boy and get it
I’m a machine yes we do okay consumer who’s been on for hours
let’s see what the hell is going on in these eyes all right we had the LED out
it’s getting really dark outside oh wow okay I am pleasantly surprised my under
eyes are looking pretty good the concealer hasn’t cracked really at all
it looks like it’s settled in my fine lines a tiny bit but not bad nothing
major so so far for being on for like four and half five hours I’m like okay
bitch work my turn yes alright baby hold this let me get on here all right guys
hello everybody all right now listen here it has been hours and hours since
the products have been on so before I go to bed and wipe everything off it’s time
to give my final thoughts now let me start with the good news the good news
is is that the Fenty Beauty Pro filter instant retouch concealer is Jeffrey
star approved yes now listen this has been on for hours and hours I’m talking
about 10 almost would you say Christian yeah and I gotta say looking at the
under eye like this formula is really good I would suggest to hydrate a little
bit more than normal if you’re gonna use this product it’s not super drawing but
it is a tiny bit it did kind of settle into my fine lines or it could have been
the powder I’m really not sure but when this laid down I loved it now you guys
saw way earlier when we applied it with the brush it worked great it applied
really nicely but my favorite was with the wet Beauty sponge it doesn’t matter
the brand it could be Beauty Blender morphe Ulta Real Techniques any one it
doesn’t matter but a wet sponge laid this down really nice so if you are
looking for a new luxury concealer this might be the one for you give it a whirl
there is over 50 shades so you I’m sure we’ll find something for you let’s jump
in since I’m holding this now the finchy Beauty concealer brush and the setting
powder brush I really don’t think that they’re necessary I think for the price
I mean this was more than the powder I’m my girl no offense but this brush is not
the magical wand that I’ve been desiring it’s cute it’s you know they’re
synthetic it’s nice quality but for the price there is any drugstore brand that
you would get the same exact quality did the brush work yes this one I’m not sure
because let’s move on to the weird kind of with the way it’s set a while ago I
think now that we’re looking at it if you want to zoom in a tiny bit more I’m
scared no if you look closely I think that the
powder was a little drying it caused that weirdness over here if you guys
remember where it was kind of like settling or like I don’t know it was
just bizarre I don’t know why it settled that way but I didn’t really live for it
I think that the packaging is great you get a lot for your mom you know for a
luxury brand I love the smell mmm I think the packaging is great the sifter
that you’ve got the sifter closure will say that it comes with was really great
but I just think that the powder was a little too drying so if you are someone
that already has dry skin or mature skin stay away from the girl but if you are
oily it could be really good for you but I don’t know I just like the concealer
to me really stood out so this was really great but the brush is a hundred
percent and not jeffree star proof girl price my girl we I’m in less than at
this point if you don’t have a concealer brush or a sponge at home just go to any
other store try it out see what works best for you it you don’t really need a
brush to apply your concealer let’s move on to the final verdict I think that
there was just so many setting powders on the market I mean you look to Laura
Mercier the most iconic setting powder on the market I live for it I think it
did a lot better job than this one the way that this kind of settled was weird
I think this was the culprit for being a little dry just feeling it it’s nice but
it’s a little on the crocodile side so would I recommend this for everyone out
there I don’t know I think that there’s just so much more in the market like I
don’t want to keep making excuses so I’m sorry the setting powder is not Jeffrey
stone all right you guys that is the T on all of that sound off below what are
your thoughts remember we all have different experiences with makeup we all
have a different complexion skin type skin tone everything so we are all not
going to have the same experience but if you tried it sound off below I want to
hear your guys’s thoughts and what did you think in this 4k footage of how it
looked on me alright I will see you guys on the next video thank you for watching
mwah love you


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  • Account

    When jeffree says something’s too expensive, that’s when we know its expensive

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