The Ultimate Guide to Painting 3D Printed Parts – Step 2: Painting

Spray paint makes it easy to add a professional
finish to your 3D printed models If your model isn’t primed yet take a look at our video and article for tips before you begin Gently buffing the primer now will help us
get a flawless surface later on I’m using a tack cloth to take off surface
dust before painting Using short, quick sprays helps keep paint
from pooling Begin and end your spray off of the model
to create the most even coverage Rotating the direction of spray around the
model helps to fill in the small details Don’t go too heavy with the paint, too much
will drip Between coats, I’ll continue to lightly polish,
evening out the paint Masking off details lets us create sharp lines
between colors The last coat goes on the lightest just a few sprays to let the depth of the black paint shine through After this, we can polish the paint job and
spray with clear coat Besides protecting the model, it gives the
model a professional finish You can see how the buffing and sanding paid
off We’ll add a link to our detailed guide in
the comments For more instructional videos subscribe to
our Youtube channel and look for more tutorials in the future

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