The VISION EQS Presented by Daimler Chief Design Officer Gorden Wagener

We asked ourselves what the progressive luxury of the future is about. And the answer is: Of course it’s going to be different than today’s luxury. It’s going to be more responsible. It’s going to be more sustainable. But still it will remain beautiful. Therefore we are looking for an unexpected and responsible beauty. Of course, most significant in the front of our new vehicle is the face. Which is basically a seamless combination of the Mercedes-Benz grille and the headlamps in one iconic, black panel design. It’s basically like a display. And here on that concept car you see that we actually use it as display for the star pattern. It appears as one layer, but the depth in the LED layers give it a futuristic, high tech and electric appearance: the significant face of our Mercedes-Benz EQ brand. The rear is really powerful. Like on every Mercedes-Benz we taper the green house which is very great for aerodynamics. But also great for stands. So we create huge shoulders that create that incredible full stance on the street – basically almost like a 4-door sports car. The interior of our VISION EQS concept car showcases the next level of progressive luxury. Basically it’s a completely new architecture for the long wheel base. It offers a lot of space for the four occupants in the vehicle, but also an embracing architecture in the front. We have that leaning IP basically wrapping into the doors, creating a centre touch panel for the whole operation of the entire vehicle.


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