The Weather Artist: Chasing Storms With Sculpture

– What artists can do is help
us look at data differently and find alternative ways
of thinking about it. Weather data is this
endless box of lego pieces that arise every day. It’s always a different box. And it allows me to again
and again build things out of this information
and try to understand it in a three-dimensional way. My name is Nathalie Miebach. I am a sculptor. I translate science data
into woven sculpture. I start by gathering data,
either from my own instruments or from the internet. It’s not just temperatures,
wind, and barometric pressure; it’s all these tentacles,
all these human stories that are connected that
really make this information so rich. (simple guitar music) The method that I use is basket-weaving, because basket-weaving is a
very simple three-dimensional grid that I can use to
translate data with. Everything in the sculpture,
whether it’s a colorful bead whether it’s a string,
whether it’s a dowel, or whether it’s a reed, represents some sort of data point. So nothing is point on there
for purely aesthetic reasons. So this is the band of Hurricane Grace. Again, these are all time bands,
so you can see at 6:00 p.m. we had a southwesterly wind. It’s important to me that these pieces are actually very accurate because I want them to
live in the science world as much as in the sculpture
or in the craft world. I still want you to be
able to read the weather off of these sculptures. Like, 8:00 a.m., we had 28-foot high waves, and the storm was coming
from the southeast. Weather is this invisible complexity that we walk through every day. We can’t see weather. We can feel it. We can smell it. We can taste it. But you can’t see temperature. You can’t even see wind. Alright, I think it’s so
important in helping us understand data better. (simple piano music)


  • Ulysses Smith

    Very creative

  • Emily Paterson

    I'm sorry but the art reminds me of the toys in the doctor office with the wires and the beads you can move around on the wire and the wire is shaped in different weird lines.

  • Cruel Angel

    This is how science and art should relate to one another, not this, oh the other is just soulless white man shit, the other is just nonsensical bullshit… This is magnificent.

  • legally skilled

    amazing !

  • bezymjannaja

    WHAAAAAT? ⊙_⊙

  • VannMichaelKohler

    This lady crazy

  • Estee Star

    Brilliant lady! So fascinating!


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