The Weed Killing Steamer

It’s easier to use than a laundry iron. Just
add water, nothing else. It’s safe for your lawn. It’s safe for you. Here’s how it works: First, ordinary tap
water is superheated to 333 degrees. the gauge let you know when the steam is ready to go. Second, apply the tip to a weed and pull
the trigger to release steam for about five seconds. Find the next weed and
repeat. It’s that easy. Weeds discolor and wilt on contact
and die in 24 to 48 hours. Steam. The non-toxic, all-natural weed
control solution. Kills weeds with ordinary tap water. Cleans and
reinvigorates the soil. A favorite choice among eco-conscious gardeners across Europe.
Brings commercial sized technology to gardeners and homeowners everywhere. The DynaSteam comes with three unique weed control tips. The triple spike gets
right to the root of the problem by shooting the superheated steam through
the spikes beneath the soil surrounding the route from three directions.
Dandelions? They don’t stand a chance. You’ll love the speed weeding cone for
large area, above ground weed control. as well as service applications like
concrete, landscape stone and patio brick. The power jet tip for concentrated
precision steam for driveway cracks. sidewalk seams, and weeds near flowers
and desirable plants.


  • Arletta Sloan

    Showed this to my mom (the actual machine being sold on the site) and she ordered it. I am looking forward to using it. We have big yards with lots of weeds.

  • Grasshopper

    Reviews on this say you have to wait too long for pressure to build up so you can only get 2-3 weeds and then have to wait a minute or so to keep going. Needs a redesign but it's a great idea. If they could redesign it and drop the price to be more affordable then this has the potential to be a really big seller.

  • Arthur Paliden

    boil a kettle of water it works just as well.

  • Joe G

    Cant you just use a wall paper steamer


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