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Hello and welcome to TheWave Today let’s take a look at AMD’s latest processor Ryzen 9 3950X 3rd Gen Threadripper – 3960X and 3970X asd well as being a 3-times Intel Extreme user what my thought is towards AMD first let’s see what is so attractive about the Ryzen 9 3950X while that it might had a lot of cores – 16 Cores/32 Threads but strictly speaking, 3950X according to AMD, does not fall under the HEDT category HighEnd DeskTop this also means that, the fastest Intel equivalent is the i9-9900KS according to Anandtech any software application that supports multi-core processing such as7 -Zip,Blender,CineBench R20,Handbrake 3950X still wins by a huge margin compared to 9900KS of course, 9900KS isn’t really that useless for those applications that require better single-core performance, it does help a little even with 9980XE with two extra cores it is still inferior as it comes with an older lithography and slower base clock here I am going to(irresponsibly) make a part list based on the 3950X processor as a reference for everyone to see how I (ignoring budget) plan a custom build first of course 3950X is one of the key ingredients then next is motherboard to a 749USD a nearly 6K HKD processor motherboard must be on par of the processor itself so I picked the Crosshair VIII Hero WiFi at around ~HK$3K next is the RAM I picked the “Enhanced for Ryzen 3000 series” – G Skill Trident Z Neo 3600MHz 2x16GB not even close to HK$2000 GPU, I will pick RTX 2080Ti at about HK$11K next is power supply display card already consumes 350W when full-loaded and considering that 3950X consumes ~250W when overclocked to 4.4GHz that’s about 600W already for safety this requires at least 1200W So I picked the Corsair HX1200 at around HK$2000 next, SSD since it is PCIe Gen 4 I picked Corsair MP600, 1TB which is also around HK$2000 for HDD, I will be choosing enterprise-grade So I picked the WD 10TB Enterprise Ultrastar DC which is also within HK$2000 finally – chassis as how much I loved the Dual Chamber design I picked the Corsair Series 680X which again, is at ~HK$2000 as for cooling, since I don’t really like watercooling I picked Noctua NH-D15, at around HK$600 this could be called a deluxe build patronaging at HK$30K 🤣 seriously expensive though if you had any work requirements, then it probably might not sound expensive 😛😛😛😛😛😛 next up – 3rd gen Threadripper 3960X,3970X as well as the rumoured 3990X with 64 Cores and 128 Threads 3960X – 24 Cores 48 Threads 3970X – 32 Cores 64 Threads according to what AMD claims when tested under Cinebench R20 3960X and 3970X performs 54% and 90% better as compared to i9-9980XE but considering that the 9980XE’s Base clock is only at 3.0GHz 3960X with 3.8GHz and 3970X at 3.7GHz and an additional of 6 and 14 cores being fast is for sure if Intel used 7nm on its 9980XE, , retaining the same architecture with the same amount of cores which processor will run faster? but thinking that there’s this much PCIe Lanes and on top of that of them being Gen4 with this gigantic L3 cache AMD will probably run faster let’s take a look on Intel’s latest news Their newest processor – 10980XE while it might have a higher clock enhanced(a little) RAM controller 1000USD cheaper it doesn’t seem 10980XE is anyway better in performance looks like we will need to wait til 2021 until when Intel starts to utilize 7nm then it will be able to catch up but when they reached that point, AMD might already be using TSMC’s 5nm. But…let’s wait until then before we pry any deeper😂 For sure I still have a long time before I replace my 9980XE my only hope is that there’s a fan-based cooler while being quiet, and also effective in bringing away the heat generated from the 9980XE OK, that’s all for today’s video if you like this video, be sure to leave a comment and give us a like subscribe to TheWave to see more related videos and don’t forget to turn on the notification bell see you next time, bye bye


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