THIS PAPER IS FUZZY? | Mystery Art Box | ‘Premier’ Paletteful Packs Unboxing | Velour Paper & Pastel

This is the June Paletteful Packs box! I’m very excited to open it up, find out what’s inside, and then draw something
with it! let’s do that! [music] ewww is that bologna? I think these are sponges..? those are really
soft and they’re creepily close to my skin tone [shivers] and then these look like
little finger nails. and I don’t even know where I got this.
did I pull this out of there? these look like the same shape as this can you like– it’s like a little sock! there we go these are micro pore sponges-
reusable, non abrasive, and versatile so this is called a sponge bar these are
the knife covers as I figured out and then this one that looks like a piece of
bologna is called the angle slice — the next thing I see: this is a two color set of
pan pastels pan pastel: ‘apply like pastel color like paint’ those are pretty
colors right there — wait you can do something like this
oh there’s a little pamphlet and it lists all the colors that this brand has
available ooh instructions! give me a second. so you can
like mix colors – wait these are erasable I didn’t have very much luck with – [gets distracted]
ooooo [back on track:]
the last time I used regular pastels I had no luck getting it – [distracted again:]
oh my gosh (so pretty) to erase but it says
these are fully erasable with any eraser I need to try this right now do you
see how vibrant these colors are and the way they connect together that is nifty so you just… rubby-rub-adub ooo–ooo-ooo! that just keeps on going! Wow and it says its erasable let me try that I mean it smudges a little
[blows eraser shavings off desk]
but it also erases how do you clean this? jeez the pigment just keeps on going
-lets try different sponge jeez that’s like so vibrant okay doesn’t look quite
as vibrant [on paper] and then you can like blend it out that’s gonna kill my wrist, let’s try
blending it get some green so this one is called Hansa Yellow, I think and then
this one is ultramarine blue and then they screw together – how fascinating!
imagine you had like a whole stack of these let’s see what else we’ve got
we’ve got we have some primary colored mini pastels pastels are not something
oh hey look! this feels gross let me see here we got green, another yellow
this one’s a bit Golder, red, and blue but those you should be able to get any
color you want because that’s a primary set if you’re willing to do the blending also oh and there’s a grayscale set compressed chalk oh this one’s not
labeled how unfortunate – poor quality control – so we have a white does this
show up on top of these? Oh maybe use it to blend? yeah okay so whites probably
used more for blending then we have a gray, a darker gray,
oh yes black that one seems to work the best like these ones I feel like it
doesn’t leave as rich of pigment you can see the paper through it
whereas that black it just oh I think that’s straight charcoal that’s probably
why and the white seems very similar to the black oh that’s interesting where I
put the white it’s not sticking as well when I rub over it -fascinating what am i doing? let’s see what else is in the box looks like we have a sheet of –
is this velvet paper?? oh my gosh I am making a mess – i don’t know if you can tell the
texture but it’s almost like velvety what is this called? oh it’s velour ! an 8 by 10 velour board [reading:]
‘unless you’re
dedicated pastel artist this is probably a surface you have never tried before’
bingo ya’got me! I am NOT a dedicated pastel artist it definitely does have a
unique sound Wow I’m kind of excited to draw on this
velour paper and finally last thing in the box
the Strathmore pastel paper acid-free heavy weights 24 sheets oh they’re all
different colors is that just how it’s always sold it doesn’t mention that it’s
got different colors in it so maybe pastel paper always comes multiple
tones like that? drawing on this black surface it’s gonna be very different
compared to like drawing on these lighter tones because I was thinking oh
we can sketch on some of this paper and then do our final drawing on the velour
but it’s just gonna be so different I wonder if there’s even a point I kind of
have this weird feeling of drawing this character in my style… let’s do the pink!
pink paper! aw I ripped it right at the end didn’t I? I really want to try out this paper but I am NOT ready for that yet –
how are you supposed to do this cuz the problem I had last time I used pastels was it
didn’t stick to the pencil so I had these weird super gray spots that were
really gross so no to the graphite but the other problem is if I try to use
these these don’t seem to work that well together either like this one didn’t
smudge on top of the white pastel so I’m nervous about this I’m just try drawing in
red we obviously don’t want to get too detailed because these are the art
supplies we’re working with – let’s just try and sketch something, be light about
it, should I try to draw this character this individual I don’t know if that’s a
real person that’s a drawing so it could be a real person – why not? I got nothing
else going on right now she’s got like a heart…is that a heart? you know
it’s really hard to say I’m gonna make mine a heart oh…she looks so angry… noooo what
do I do?? what did I do? you can’t even see her ear so I guess
it’s up to me maybe somewhere in there
I’m just going to like sorta add some of these dark tones in lightly to see how it
looks before I like going with some of the heavier art supplies – can I smudge this with my finger? that’s right i kind of can! yeah keep it light and then we’ll build
up the tones cuz I don’t want to like lose the highlights obviously and then
hopefully maybe I can like sharpen this and get some really fine details with
the black – fix that eye cuz like there’s obviously some problems here I am
missing out on the pretty factor that got lost in translation we’ll see we’ll
see maybe I can get some of that back I literally have no idea when it comes to pastels so I’m trying to like imitate this because that’s something
that was created with pastels so obviously it’s possible
hope you don’t mind Susan oh I probably should be using the sponge shouldn’t I? can’t forget
that earringy-thing it’s also like really dark over here that way these
highlights pop oh I see so basically what I’m doing is I’m doing it all in
this red and then I’m hoping to use maybe the black on top of it and then
some of the colors maybe Oh would this yellow look really nice as a highlight? I
don’t know we also want to use like the paper maybe that was fun to experiment
with at least I don’t think it now that I’m trying it out I’m like yeah that’s
probably not how I should go about that because the paper obviously is a lighter
tone than this yellow it doesn’t really make sense let’s move on to this black
take a good look of what this looks like cuz I’m probably going to destroy it! (but
that’s what we do here) that makes her look like she’s just like [moans] like this
one the mouth just looks sort of like slightly ajar and then mine she’s like a
zombie blahhh [talking to the art:]
i’m so sorry… darken up this a little remove that harsh edge I made let’s just
use my smudgies that’s the wrong one, I’m like I could tell instantly it doesn’t
draw as softly as this one does. it’s kind of interesting the colors are definitely
muddy and then the other problem I’m going to
is if I’m gonna use this dark paper obviously this isn’t going to show up I
can’t even like recreate this if I wanted to just not possible this thing’s
really nice cuz it saves your wrist you don’t have like a hold a tiny little
tool this does smudge really nicely my illustration definitely looks older than
the reference drawing there so like you put it down smudge it and you can put it
down for some more contrast smudge out the edge here don’t use color for highlights
that’s what I learned ah!!!!! no!!! but now I can actually use this broken
piece and only stick out like a little bit of it and then maybe I won’t have to
worry about it breaking heyy!
😀 I’ll take it I don’t hate this but what I like
about it has nothing to do with the arts supplies – woo so messy ! definitely finding
the black pastel the easiest to work with I’m not entirely sure how do like
incorporate the colors let me grab a new sponge here then here’s the blue don’t
these colors remind you of a Maccaw? aren’t they like blue and yellow?
I kind I just want to go for it well let me try and draw a bird first let me see
if I actually know what they look like let’s see we have like a curly beak – if
we leave this like part of the beak is really small and then the sides big and
then they have like an eyeball that’s like right here just like this parts
black – this part is yellow, this part is yellow and then this part here is all blue not its vibrant as hopefully it’ll look on the black paper I can try to like
stylize them more, maybe more like this ? looks so much more buff! big buff boi here let’s move this paper get these guys out and try this I feel like I’m going in
kind of blind, the only way to learn is to try right so let’s go for it should I use the red again? what does the red look like on here? it’s kind of slightly invisible
let me try this grey..that might work how do I want to go about this so we do
just the head and then we can do more details and like that the weird line-y
section around their eyes I also still want to like keep it kind of stylized looks a little too much like a puffin yeah I’m changing my mind can you erase on Velour? not really let’s see, put the head here try by starting
with the neck then the heads here yeah we have a beak – that’s
actually really helpful cuz I always draw the neck too short and
then the whole thing looks janky here we go I don’t know I don’t think thats showing up on
camera at all! so its gonna look cool when I start adding the colors in the
right spots since you can’t see all this ground work I’m laying now
there are some parts on this bird that are actually white so why don’t I try to
do that where’s my….. there it is! some of this down first
mm see that’s actually working on this paper way nicer like it was meant to
work on this paper a couple layers of this maybe around the eyes as well! its kind of difficult
to get an even tone of color in some spots
definitely look grayer than others all right next up let’s do the yellow and then
blue and then the green because blue and yellow make green and this is yellow
currently so rubba-dub-dub, I’m a little excited about this like that and that
comes down this way — velour paper does take off a lot more pigment faster so I
have to like keep dipping for more ooh it’s almost like feathers looks a little furry instead of feathery
so maybe I ought to blend it out a bit more okay we can maybe come back to that
I’m going to switch this out to a completely different one for now to use
with the blue I just don’t have to worry about mixing the color yet I’m just not
ready for that kind of commitment okay move over to the blue so we can start maybe
here cuz this is gonna like go to green as we get close to the beak
oh that does look pretty cool doesn’t it it’s hard to cover large areas with this
blue it’s a downslide feel like I’m drawing
with makeup I’m being really excited to do the green part I can’t wait
try and do longer strokes here try and imitate the feathers how’s that lookin? these a little shorter down here some more short ones here it’s
interesting it’s a little too dark in this section I don’t wanna like lose
these longer feathers maybe we can just keep picking up more and extending it
higher up i’m gonna grab this sponge and the yellow and see if I can even
this out a bit more whew I haven’t even use this thing yet
I’ve been neglecting the Bologna sponge there we go there’s nice even and then
oh I don’t want to switch sponges but if I like if I can even out this color then
the dream would be that I can use this thing with this and get some like
feather textures up near the breast/pec section back to the blue! I’m gonna
have to like highlight over here to make that beak stand out from the page I’m
not sure what color we could try green but I don’t know alright let’s move back
to the yellow sponge ah shoot I just ripped straight through him – anyway I
have to grab some yellow oh and try and make green here we go there we go gonna
mix that in a separate place first we’re just doing it right on the canvas was
the right choice hey looks pretty green to me maybe add a
little bit of green here – does that make any sense?
oh and then I wanted to hopeful there’s not too much blue on this I want to add
some feather texture here just like quickly dab and pull like this that
looks pretty cool actually – i’m gonna go in with more white maybe and just fill in
maybe a highlight – ah wrong sponge! I made a mistake yeah maybe I’ll just fill in
this area with a light bit of white and the white doesn’t blend as much as I
want it too [thinking noises] might add just a smidge of white back here to then blend that out hey it looks like there’s a spotlight on him I wonder can I use the black and
like detail any of this? Oh see the black drawers on this velvet paper so nice but
it does not draw over top of the yellow very easily i can also add some feather
texture along the edge of this yellow even pull this white up a little higher on camera it’s so blown out I can’t really tell what I should be doing – but in person I’m like: ” oh so many things I need to fix” feathersss subtle feather
textures I think it needs a little bit more blue right here all right after using these a little bit
more I have a new assessment when it comes to pastels as an art supply and I
think the reason I don’t like them as much is they’re kind of difficult to
control and they require a lot of blending which isn’t something you see
as often in like a cartoony art style like mine I really like flat colors and
cell shading even though I’ve been kind of branching out a little bit more
lately but with pastels you obviously even tones are very difficult to get and
blending is kind of their function so I think that’s why me and them just don’t
get along as well as some other art supplies do because the way to use them properly
is so different from what my normal art tends to look like and that makes sense
and there’s nothing wrong with that and that’s obviously why I don’t gravitate
towards them I’ll just add one last thing here just like subtle grassiness,
Leafs, leaves of the trees, that greenery just give the illusion that there’s some
kind of background here grab a little bit of yellow a little bit of blue a
little bit more yellow just greenify the background [beats the devil out of the paper] I bet your pastel artists have a lot less angst pent up inside them look at
this! therapy yeah there we go I think I’m all done with this I don’t hate the
way it looks that velvety paper though I wish I could show you how soft it is I
want to thank you guys for watching and I also want to send a big thank you to
Paletteful Packs for sending me this month’s box to try out and share with
you guys if you’re interested in getting your own Paletteful Packs I will have a
link in the description where you can learn more information about them and see if
it’s something that might be right for you, if not I’m also going to be giving away
this box and all of these art supplies and I’m gonna do my best to wash these
first so if you’d like to enter that giveaway you can check the link in the
description yeah good luck with it that! thank you guys for watching I’ll see you guys
all next week and I hope you have a delicious evening full waffles!!! BYE!! [poppy wanna-be club music returns]


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