This Snow Foam Gun is The Best Spray Cannon for Car Wash with Pressure Washer

Snow foam gun for car washing. This snow foam cannon is made of brass and plastic. You can adjust the foam stream by rotating the plastic cylinder end. With the plastic wheel at the top you can adjust the amount of soap the pressure washer should take from the foam gun. The spray cannon has a capacity of 900ml. I mix 1/3 of car wash shampoo and 2/3 of water. I have a cheap and not very powerful pressure washer “Mastery”, but it still does the job perfectly. I am setting my foam cannon to release maximum amount of soap to the pressure washer. I am very sorry for the bad angle. Please subscribe for the channel if you want to watch more videos like this one.


  • Frank Diaz

    Amazing video and explanation. Looks like I'll have to get the snow foam gun now.

  • Russell Motha

    this will make life so easy, such a foam fill gun

  • Lisa Lisa

    My first time learning about the snow foam gun, good review, thanks for sharing.

  • Selina kew

    I’ve been waiting for one of these videos for such a long time! Thank you!

  • Rony Flores

    good explanation, it has become clear to me, I found it easy to use the foam gun

  • Tony Lars

    Want to pick one of these up, needed one for a while!

  • Lily Talk

    This spay cannon is a must have! I been looking device like this for a while. Thank you

  • Carlos Requena

    muy impresionante las actividades que se logran realizar con esta "snow foam gun" de verdad muy ingenioso..

  • Shahana Parvin

    Excellent review.It is important to me.Thanks for Sharing this Video.

  • Bill S

    This spray cannon is just what I need! I want to pick one up as soon as possible!

  • jose aguilera

    que impresionante y fácil a la hora de lavar un automóvil es muy ingenioso, ¿y que otras funciones tiene?


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