Thompson Submachine Tommy gun 45 ACP

Alright guys, this video is my first time
shooting a Tommy gun Ohh.. yea! (Brian) Have you handled a Thompson before? (Hank) No, never have. (Brian) Okay, well it fires like any other semi automatic It’s got a 30 round magazine. (Hank) So the magazine that this is using Is proprietary to Thompson or is it like a Colt magazine? (Brian) This one came with the rifle so whoever made the gun. (Hank) It’s probably not difficult to get magazines right? (Brian) No, it’s not. (Brian) Of course this fires the standard 45 acp. (Brian) Easy as can be to load one up. (Brian) I’d start out slow, get a feel for the sights Pick it up and take a look at the sights. (Hank) Alright so to put it safe you just flip it up like this? (Brian) Yes, so that’s pretty easy. (Hank) Okay (Brian) So look down the sights It’ll pretty much hit whatever you are looking at (Brian) What I would do is fire a couple of slow ones Then fire as fast as you feel like firing. (Brian) So basically it’s got a rail there (Brian) Use the catch and slam it in. (Hank) Okay, so that’s a little bit different it’s kind of like an open mag, there’s no magazine well (Brian) No (Hank) Okay cool okay so and then.. (Brian) You just pull back on that and let go (Brian) It’s stiff. That’s the way it’s designed. (Hank) Okay so let’s see (Hank) Oh I had on safety (Hank) That is nice. (Brian) It’s amazingly accurate isn’t it? (Hank) Yes (Brian) It’s like you’re firing a pistol. (Hank) How do you drop the magazine? (Brian) Just push up on the release. (Hank) That’s easy. (Brian) One more round? (Hank) No I don’t wanna I will use up too much of you ammo. (Hank) That was actually very cool. (Brian) It really is. It’s a lot of fun to shoot. (Brian) It’s finicky about ammo though. If it’s not 230 grain good quality ammo, it’ll jam. (Hank) Really? Okay so it’s gotta be heavier right? (Brian) Right. (Hank) Okay, so the lighter 45 acp it doesn’t like too much. (Brian) No.

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