Tie Dyeing with Jacquard Procion Dye

(♪♪♪) Procion Dye is
a fibre reactive dye for all natural fibres,
including cotton, silks, wools, linens, rayons, you can also do
bat dying with the Procion Dye,
as well as tie-dye. Today we’re going to be
working with the tie-dye kit from Jacquard, and this kit includes
everything you need to make 10-15 shirts. It includes your
step by step instructions, a DVD, your rubber bands,
three bottles with dye included, and one empty bottle for
mixing your own colours, as well as your Soda Ash,
and Soda Ash is what sets
the dye in the fabric. The first thing you want to do
is take your Soda Ash and mix it in
a gallon bucket of water, and let your shirts soak for
about 20 minutes to an hour. Okay, so today we’ve got one
already that has been soaked. We’re going to do
a spiral design. You want to pinch
the centre and start twisting. The next step,
you take your rubber bands, and you crisscross. After you’ve done this,
this is what it’ll look like. Since the Procion Dye
is a fibre reactive dye, you want to make sure that
you wear gloves when using this product, or your hands will be coloured
for probably about a month. (laughing) I’m going to put on
my gloves, then I’m going to
fill my bottles of dye. And you just
fill it to the line. Put the cap back on. And then shake. After you shake
your bottles of dye, start with
the lightest colour first, and squeeze the dye into
the folds of the shirt. What’s really
a fun thing to do with the dyeing is that if you take yellow
and then you red next, you get all kinds of
really cool oranges. ‘Cause it mixes
right on the fabric. I always like to lay
paper towel underneath where I’m dying, ’cause you get
some really cool designs for the overflow of the dye. You really have to
squeeze pretty hard when you’re doing this. You want to
saturate the fabric. Take my blue. Get some green here
with the yellow mix, yellow and blue
makes green. And purple will start
showing up now next to the red. You don’t need to worry
about leaving white areas because you’ll have enough
white areas in the folds. After you’ve done one side,
try to squirt a little dye on the rim,
and then flip it over. Starting again with
your lightest colour first. Squeezing between the folds. The more dye you use the more intense
your shirt will be. After you’ve completed
dying your shirt, you take a plastic bag
and just drop the shirt into the bag,
working all the air out. Sealing it. And I always fold it to
get more of the air out. Leave your piece
for 24 hours minimum. Sometimes I like
a couple days. The more you leave it,
the more intense the colours will be. Okay, let’s see what our
final project looks like. I’m gonna take it
out of the bag. Rinse it under water
for about 10 minutes ’til there’s no extra dye
that’s running out. Take your scissors,
cut off your rubber bands. And here’s our final project. This is just one shirt out
of many that you can do. You can do solid bat dyeing. Here’s a spiral that
we did, a free form, one that’s more elegant,
tie dye shirt that you can embellish with paint and
other beads and things, and just remember that any age
will love doing this and you can have
a lot of fun tie dyeing. (♪♪♪) Captioned by GigEcast


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    I don't get it, you can just squeeze the color anywhere on the shirt? Cause it looks like shes squeezing in the color in random places. But it still turned out perfect! HOW???LOL

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    ok she dyes randomnly the tutorial tee and when shes taking out the finished one with another DESIGN(spiral psy) WHY? why these tutorials DON`T show you the actualy tee done?

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    What effect was used for the elegant look?

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    the spiral effect is created by pinching the t-shirt in the centre and twisting – this was clearly shown

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  • Blick Art Materials

    Blick Art Materials sells all the products in all of our videos. Everything is on our website.

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