TIME LAPSE: Ladybird in Prismacolor Coloured Pencils

hi guys and welcome to today’s video where I will be showing you the speed paint of this ladybird guy completed in color premier color pencils I bought the prismacolor premier because they were very cheap on Amazon and before hand I was very reluctant to buy them because I purchased polychromos pencils this year and also a few months ago they were at a similar price point to prismacolor and not prismacolor sorry but the Brisbane cars were at a similar price point to the polychromos pencils and had her lot of negative reviews about their breakage so at the time I was a bit reluctant to play them but recently they shot down in price and currently they’re 72 sets on absinthe or 13 I think 34 British pounds which is around 26 US dollars I think so relatively cheap and I think I’d buy them and give them a shot so I’m drawing this ladybird it’s a very tight macro shot of the ladybird against some greenery in the background it’s a kind of photo that I really like to draw because it’s got lots of interesting abstract shapes in the background but also a lot of contrast between the subject and the background and it’s a similar picture to one of my first polychromos during’s I did so I figured they would be interesting to do a similar drawing with my present makalah pairs in order to better compare and contrast the different items I also completed both drawings on the same paper it’s a Fabriano pastel Oh paper it comes in a few different colors in the pad destroying is on the white paper I think it’s a slightly off white paper and my other one was completed on a blue-gray color paper I plan on doing a comparison video between polychromos and prismacolor premier and that’s in the future so I won’t go into too much detail about how I think they compare and my opinions on them in this video but I will say that I found that the e prismacolor premieres were very opaque and very pigmented and I really liked how they layed down the paper I didn’t feel like I was fighting getting the pigment down but I did find that blending them was a little bit difficult a sense that because of they lay down quite easily and how big they were you can’t lay the pencils in the same way that you would with the polychromos you sort of blend them together thickly I think it’s the best way to destroy I tried using a diamond blender pencil to sort of rubbed the colors together but found with that resulted in inquires treaty appearance and I ended up using odorless mineral spirits instead to blend the cuffs together and I found that was a lot more effective it was also my first go using less mineral spirits and I definitely applied the spirits onto a pencil that was thickly too thickly and layered and once again my first go at using the mineral spirits resulted in sort of straight appearance because I was pushing the pigment around on the paper rather than blending things together but I quickly got the hang of it and they cuddled it back better towards the end of the picture the reference photo that I used to draw this picture I will leave in the description down below so if you’re interested in drawing the same image you can find the reference photo there and to finish up I use a unipaas go market in wait to add a little bit of highlights in some places that just needed an actually little sparkle I think you so I hope you enjoyed this video if you did please leave me a like I’d also really like to know what you guys are up to you and what you’re creating or drawing so give me a comment to let me know what you’re doing if you’re interested in keeping up to date with my future videos please hit that subscribe button and you can find more of my work on my social media I’m at claudia dot sketches on instagram and at claudia sketches on facebook and twitter thanks again for watching and see you in the next video you


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