Time Lapse of Dena’s Portrait in Pan Pastels, Pastel Pencils and Colored Pencils.

The purpose of this video is to honor
our daughter Dena Tollefson. To that end Helen elected
to paint a portrait of Dena, but let me have her tell you why that is what she
wanted to do. Hello, I’m Helen Schaefer, Dena’s mom. Let me tell you something about Dena Tollefson, our very creative daughter.
Dena came over to our house yesterday and a discussion began about the
challenges that she sponsors on a regular basis on YouTube. First she did
the green gold challenge, then the turquoise challenge and now the
toadly awesome challenge. That’s how Dena is. A very dependable,
trustworthy type of person. Well anyway, I mentioned that everyone is giving her
salutations and shoutouts and thanks in their introductory statements on YouTube
and that’s very nice of them I said to her and then she said yes she
noticed that and thought it’s strange that the only ones who haven’t ever done
this were her parents. I started to lick my wounds and then chat it back. Well we
gave birth to you and that should be enough and then she laughed and remarked,
that the reason she is sponsoring the challenges is that she wants artists to
feel comfortable and part of a community of fellow artists. She wants the warm
feelings of friendship and fellowship to be her goal with this endeavor. So Helen
thought why not paint a portrait of Dena and use that painting to get this story
out. This was a frustrating process for Helen. She couldn’t find her sanded paper
which is what you really need for pastels and without that paper she couldn’t get
the proper layering. So she overworked the painting, she told me. Then she added
the hair without turning the camera on. She liked the hair, but not the face.
So she scrapped the painting, but asked me to see if I could salvage the hair
and this is what I came up with. So here we are asking Dena to forgive us for
taking her for granted. Dena, you are our special, creative and
loving daughter, and artist, so go for it. We’re here for you.



    Very beautiful portrait, amazing talent
    Keep sharing wonderful videos 👍☺☺

  • Mona L creates

    What a wonderful video and portrait!! Really enjoyed this! 🙂 Have a wonderful weekend!

  • theun speakable

    Wow! Lovely and lovely to hear your story😊 Tha painting is awesome with to without the hair. At first I reminded me of a "makeup tutorial" LOL I am always in awe of people who can paint beautiful portraits. Thank you for sharing.

  • Jun style

    Beautiful painting 👏👏 I saw it really well 😁 Have a nice day my friend 💓💓

  • HappyAngel Drawings

    Wow the portrait of Dena looks so wonderful ^^

  • Carey Bridges

    I've seen you guys come to her livestreams and leave the sweetest comments in the world for her on her videos. 🥰🥰🥰 I'm thinking she was probably teasing because she's just very funny and smart. This portrait is gorgeous, just like Dena is. I would so proud of her if I were her parent. She's incredibly kind to me, even after I've left paragraphs of personal information about my anxiety and depression issues on her channel on accident. Lol i didn't know yet to keep stuff like that to myself. She never judged me and only kept encouraging me and even welcomes me as if i have any art talent at all, which i don't believe i do. She is very kind to my children, also. I love her love for the Lord and nature and beauty, and for her inner strength and constant consideration of other people's feelings. She is very inclusive and always welcomes people, no matter their skill or experience level. You guys raised a beautiful (inside and out) and caring daughter who loves God, and I can't think of any better accomplishment than that in this world. 💙💙💙 thank you for joining YouTube also so we could see your art and hear your lovely stories about your family etc. It is a true joy to know your family. 🥰

  • 1MightyR

    Aww……😭yall are gonna make me 😢 cry. We love dena! Shes a true leader and trailblazer! And we love y'all too! Despite the minor setbacks, i think the portrait is coming along well!$😁👍

  • Dena Tollefson

    Oh my goodness Mama and Daddy what a wonderful portrait and video!!! I am crying now- I love you both so much. You are the best parents ever and I love you both so deeply. Thank you for being the most fantastic parents and role models. What a special tribute. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

  • Mando Teresia

    YOU'RE DENA' S MOM??? I didn't know! Wonderful video you guys!

  • Dr. Snehasish Das

    excellent 👏👏👏

  • Dixit Koteshwar

    Excellent drawing. Big thumbs up 👍

  • DAVY. J.Y. Art with a pen.

    That's a great pencil and pastel artwork i must say. Pastels give a very subtle and wonderful effect. I think Dena might shed a tear of affection when seeing this video : )

  • Ella Pesonen Art

    Ohh it's Dena! Lovely portrait, great work 😊

  • Kerrie Woodhouse

    Lovely portrait, Helen – thank you for sharing it with us 🤗

  • Vietnamese Calligraphy

    wow, very beautiful, i like it

  • justme 64

    Very beautiful portrait.. hoping for more videos to come.thanks my friend.

  • ھانڈی handi گھر کی ghar ki

    Very beautifull video
    Thanks for sharing this video

  • Totally Insane Art

    Great pastel portrait of Dena Tollefson.
    It was enjoyable to watch the painting being created.
    Thank you so much for your efforts to create the video.
    great video upload

  • Costel Andone

    OMG !! I imagine what a pleasant surprise you did to Dena !!! The most beautiful gift he ever received! You have a wonderful daughter! Congratulations! She is a real lady !!! All my respect for Dena, but also for you! You are beautiful and special people! You have all my respect!

  • Siri's Studio

    This is amazing 😍

  • Miguel Bevia

    Hi Helen. I did not know Dena was your daughter! She is such an amazing artist. Now I know where she got her talent from. Love all your artwork. I'll make sure to follow you here! I hope you have a great weekend! ❤😊


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