Tiny Dancer – Stampin’ Up + Caran D’ache Luminance Pencils

Hey everybody! Today I am going to do a very fun little card with this sweet
ballerina from Stampin’ Up! that I call tiny dancer in an ode to Elton John. 🙂 I’m starting with Canson pastel paper in black – I paid $12.99 for it at
Hobby Lobby but I have a link where you can get it cheaper on my blog. I have some Caran D’ache Luminance pencils which are amazing, and
this sweet stamp set called Talented Trio from Stampin’ Up!, which I have set up on my MISTI and you’ll see why at the
end of the video I’m going to start by inking the little
dancer in Whisper White pigment ink I’m stamping her onto the pastel paper (here you can see the signature on my Misti – I got Iliana (the inventor) to sign it when she came to my retreat which is super fun.) I’m going to clean
off the stamp – the white ink is
just really to give me a guide. I’ll basically be doing no-line coloring but I don’t want to remove the stamp from the MISTI and you will see why a little bit later
on. Now I have a few colors here that I’m going to start working with and I’ll add more colors later but with these pencils I always start
with whatever my lightest shade is going to be in this case it is kind of an ivory
color – I do have all the pencils and the colors listed in my blog post but with these pencils you want to do a lot of layering and so I’ll show you my technique. I’m not trained – I am NOT certified you don’t need to be any of those things
to have fun with any art supply you just need to try and see what works for you and what you are comfortable win and get the results
that you like Now after the lighter color I’m going to go with my lightest pink and I can tell when I first start
putting it down that this pigment has slightly a different feel to it it’s a little bit harder than my bone color that I started when and
you’ll just get used to the different ways the different colors feel but what I want you to learn here is the layering of colors and how that
works with these pencils so I start with the very lightest and
then you can see I’m going through two shades of pink and just adding them on
top of each other and at first when you’re coloring
especially on this pastel paper which does have a little bit of texture to it you’re thinking “oh my gosh this looks
terrible! I can still see the texture of the paper and nothing’s smooth” but once you get about five
or six layers of color built up with these pencils it
starts to become magically smooth and you’ll love moving the color around. Now I’m coming in with a darker rose color here and then similar to the
way that you use alcohol markers I go back with a lighter color and blend that out and then come back with my very lightest color on top and I repeat this process several
times when I’m coloring it’s when you get to like I said – the 5th or 6th layer whether that’s a dark or light
layer that you really start to see the magic
of these pencils and how beautiful they are they end up looking a lot like classic
pastels but without all the dust which is kind of nice So you’ll see me working back and forth here in my super speedy coloring
method Here I just have a big soft brush and I’ll link to this on my blog I just every now and then blow any little pigments from the
pencils away in with this little brush just to
keep my area somewhat clean I also have another video that I think
will be published pretty soon where I am going to show you a another little tool that I use with these pencils that I think makes it easier I’m switching to her skin here and you’ll notice that I just color her
face totally in and that’s part of the trick
that I’m going to teach you. After I fil her in though I need to go back and put the pink on her shoes just so I
can tell later on where her shoes are and they don’t get lost in these other colors because coloring on black I’m just putting down these light colors
I might forget where her legs stop. And now with this flesh tone I start
with just my lightest ivory but then I go to a flesh tone and then just a darker tan to add some shading and then go back to
lighter colors and just keep going back and forth back and forth until I get a smooth texture. And I’ll add even a darker tan to give the illusion of shadow just underneath her little ballet
skirt later on but I want to give her a somewhat realistic skin tone and not just a lily-white like
my unrealistic skin tone is in real life Now I’m adding highlights where the light
would be on her arms and darker skin tones where
the natural shadows would be so here’s where I add some of the darker tones. Now she’s not – she’s almost a sort of cartoony image she’s not super realistic
so I don’t think you have to worry about a lot of realism around her joints or on her arms and legs or even on her face – just do whatever you like and whatever looks good Her neck of course will be a little
bit darker, so I actually go in with some
darker colors right away and then I’m coming and blending in her face You’ll see that I’m completely erasing all of her features
and she looks sort of like Voldemort at this point when I’ve erased her eyes and her mouth but we will add those back what I’m doing here is just trying to
get the light hitting her face in the right spot in
getting the shading right now I added her little ponytail holder in pink for the same
reason I added her slippers slippers I want to mark that off so I don’t color
over that and put hair where her ponytail holder should be. I’m giving her just sort of a light brown hair color – nothing that’s too much
contrast to the rest of the image because I really want her cute little tutu and leotard to be the star of the show I love that pink! And subconsciously I guess I painted my nails that color earlier this week maybe I knew I was going to do this card. I’ll come in with some darker shading for her hair just
give her a little bit of definition If your pencils are sharp you can do a
little flicking motion to give her some more realistic hair If you’d like and now that I’m done I just brush her off – get rid of all the little extra pencil shavings and I do recommend
keeping these very sharp it really does help especially the
smaller images like this and as you see I’ve left my stamp in the misty and just
going to put the paper back in there make sure that I have it in the corner and it’s all lined up and then I can add her facial details
back very very easily I’m using a basic black
marker in just selectively inking up her nose in her mouth and her eyes and stamping them on to the pastel paper. You might need to do this more than once just to make her features pop out a little bit. I’m going to do it twice just so I can really see her face but it’s so sweet already – such a cute
little image! Press that down and there she is! She has a face again she’s not Voldemort anymore! she is just beautiful I love this sweet image So here she is finished actually did go
back after the video and added a little light blue touch to some of the areas on her skirt. I think that makes it pop a little bit. I hope you enjoyed this video and give these pencils a try – I think you will really really like them thanks so much for watching


  • Jeanette Duke

    This image is precious and you made a wonderfully magical little creation here!

  • Caly Person

    You're so talented, Lydia! You're coloring is amazing and I would've never stretched my imagination to use that stamp set this way!

  • Carol Gatton

    This is so delicate, your coloring is awesome!

  • Carol Melancon

    TFS! Love the "Voldemort" reference. So cool you got your MISTI signed.

  • Linda Anne Calderone

    You're amazing! I've been on the fence purchasing another set of pencils, and curious how the Luminance worked on dark paper. I love pencil work on colored cardstock, especially Kraft. I've recently ordered the Luminance white to see if I really need the set. I have both Polychromos and Pablo pencils, both beautiful sets, so thinking adding the white Luminance is the way to go. Although watercolor is my favorite medium, pencils are right up there. What's your opinion, no pressure here 😄. I would just appreciate your recommendation!


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