Tips for Watercoloring with Zig Clean Color Real Brush Markers

– [Voiceover] Hi
everyone, Kristina here. Welcome to another card video at my YouTube channel and blog. Today I’m going to be
using the Flower Garden stamp set from Tim Holtz,
and Stampers Anonymous. I’ve had this stamp set in
my stash for quite some time and today is the day I’m
finally going to get to use it. I’m starting out by stamping
one of the flower stems in VersaMark ink onto
some watercolor paper. This watercolor paper
is Arches cold press, and it is cut to seven
and a half by, let’s see, by five and a half. I’m going to be creating
a five by seven card, and so I’ve given myself
an extra half inch on each length,
or each dimension so that I can tape my
watercolor piece down to a board and then when I take off
that tape, I can have the colored area go all
the way to the edges. I applied some Hero Arts
white embossing powder over the top of
that stamped image, and then I let my heat
tool completely heat up before I brought it over
to the watercolor paper. This ensures that
I’m not applying excess heat to the
area and possibly warping the watercolor paper. So, this applies for all
types of heat embossing whether you’re using
watercolor paper or regular card stock. It’s always a great idea
to let your heat tool heat up completely before
bringing it to your project. And then stamping the
flowers from the stamp set, or a few of the flowers
and after I stamp each image I then apply
some white embossing powder. I’m doing all of the
images separately like this because the paper is white
and my embossing is white and I’m using clear ink. So it’s a little bit
hard to see the placement of all the images until you
have that powder on there. I wanted to have another flower
stamped in between these two that I’ve already
embossed, so I’ve taken some masking paper
and I’ve created masks for all three stamps
that I’ve already used, and then placed those over
the top of my embossed images. This is going to protect
the areas on those images while I stamp a third
flower in between those two. I also took one of the other
flowers I’ve already stamped and added a fourth
flower down near the center bottom of the card. I then peeled off the
masks, and applied some white embossing powder. Now that masking paper left
behind a slight residue that picked up some of
that embossing powder, so I used a paintbrush to
brush away the embossing powder from those areas
and then heat set all of the stamped images. I’ll add a few stems to
those flowers that I added, and then I’ll go ahead and
put some embossing powder on those and then
heat set that as well. This is going to finish
up all of the stamping for the initial water
coloring area on the card, and I’m going to go ahead
and put that down onto a hard board and tape that down
with some painter’s tape. I like to use blue
painters tape because it’s slightly less tacky than
regular masking tape, so it protects the
paper a little bit more. I had a question about
removing that tape recently, and as long as you
pull it back slowly, and don’t pull up but kind
of fold it back on itself, you’re usually going to
prevent any tearing of paper. I’m using some
different colors of Zig Clean Color
real brush markers to do some water coloring today. If you’d like to know what
colors I used specifically I’ll have that link down in
the video description below or in the supplies
section at my blog. And just so you guys are aware, I always list every single
product I use in my videos in the video description,
so if you ever wonder about any products that I’m
using, you can check that supply list there
and you’ll have links to online stores as well. So after I applied a
little bit of that color I then took my water
brush, this is a medium sized water
brush from Pentel, and I’m just spreading
out that color. Now I’ve used these Clean
Color real brush markers in the past, and I’ve
had really great results. Sometimes with these kind
of watercolor brush markers that you have, that
you might have tried, some other brands or whatever, sometimes the color
really sticks to where you first apply it and it doesn’t really
spread out too much. I find that these are
really easy to work with, they don’t tend to really
seep into the paper too much. It gives you a little bit
of time to spread it out, but I did want to mention
that the type of paper you’re using also
affects how much it’s going to absorb into the paper, and not really spread around. This particular watercolor
paper which is Arches cold press works extremely well with
Clean Color real brush markers. The colors really spread
around and you have quite a bit of time to get some
of that color moving around. I have used these
brush markers on some other types of watercolor paper. Maybe ones that
aren’t quite as thick, and the color really
seeps in right away and you have to
really work at it to get those colors to spread. So, my experience
with these markers is that you really
have to work in layers and that’s what
gives it the most beautiful, fluorescent,
bright glow. I noticed that these
markers are so super bright. Like these colors aren’t even showing up true
to life on camera. The pictures that
you’ll see at the end of the video and at my blog? Those pictures are a little
bit more true to life. The card is bright and vibrant. It practically
glows off the page. It really reminds me
of my Dr. Ph. Martin’s radiance concentrated
watercolors which I’ve used in the past. I’ll link up to a video
here in the top corner where I’ve used
those, and I describe a little bit how bright
and vibrant they are. These markers really
remind me of that medium because of the vibrancy
and saturation of color. So as I add layers on
top of layers of color it really adds a depth
to this whole image here. So I first started with
the lightest shade, and I put that over
the entire area and then I started to add
some additional colors on top. I find that using pinks
and purples together works really well as well as that
light carmine and yellow. Those mix together
really beautifully. You can test this
out, test different color combinations out on
some separate card stock or separate watercolor
paper before working on your project. Sometimes I’ll like to do
that just to make sure that I’m not going to get any
strange color combinations or any muddy mixes. So I’m using the same kind
of light carmine and yellow combination on that
flower in the back. And then as far as
the stems go I added that same yellow
color, going to kind of add that in with some water, and then I’ll go ahead
and bring in a green color and the green color is
really going to give these stems a more
realistic look. If you wanted to, you
could add a little bit of blue to
the stems as well. I think that would look
really, really pretty. Especially since the flowers
are using multiple colors. It would make sense
for the leaves and stems to have
multiple colors as well. I chose not to do to
add a blue in here, but you could definitely
do that as well. Now I’m gonna add a color
that I didn’t show before and this is wine red. And I am adding this
color because I realize I wanted a more contrast,
I wanted more contrast on the kind of the peach
and yellow colored flowers. And by adding in this wine red, it gives it a really, really
pretty depth of color. And it adds lots of
contrast and gives me the opportunity to
add shadows and more intricate shading
on these flowers. I did end up using this
color on all of the flowers even though those pink
and purple flowers have a little bit of a
different color tone. I also used this color
very sparingly on that first flower that I
had painted, the peony, because I wanted it
to look different from the flower in the back. So I’m adding just
little bits of shading to the different petals. I’m really thinking in my mind what would be the darkest
areas on these flowers? So the center of the
flower would have a little bit more darkness and also,
the areas that would be directly under the folded
areas of the petals. So I’m gonna add the shading
right underneath those folded areas, and it’s
really going to define the different petal
shapes, and make it look a little bit
more realistic. So now I’m going
to add that pink right underneath
that folded area. And as I add it in,
you’ll be able to see that it makes that
fold, or that little cup on the end of the
petal, it makes it look a little bit more forward
than the rest of the flower. It really gives it a nice depth. So like I said before I’m adding
more of that wine red color to the other flowers, and
I’m using it very sparingly on the pink and purple
flowers just because I don’t want that wine red color to overwhelm all that
beautiful, vibrant pink that’s showing
through underneath. So I’m adding some more of
that color on this petal. Gonna let that fade out and
I’m gonna take my water brush and clean it off a little
bit and then come back with clean water and that’s just
going to help stop some of that dark red color from creeping
into that entire petal shape. So I’ll add some more
shading into those areas. And I’ll just keep
painting these flowers until I’m happy
with how they look. There I am adding some wine
red to that bottom flower. And this is going to give
it a nice depth of color. I’m going to add quite a
bit of shading to the area that’s right up next
to the other flower so that it looks like that’s
a peony is in the front. Then added that wine red to
the center of that flower and I’m using just a
small amount ’cause I want to make sure that
it’s different from that flower in the back
like I mentioned previously. But I am going to
add some of that red color to these
outer petals just to give them some shading. So these Clean Color
real brush markers are fantastic to work
with, especially when you stamped and embossed your
images like I have today. The embossed resist, the
embossing resists all of that color and it gives you
the opportunity to paint rather quickly, but not
have it look too messy. It’s a really, really
beautiful technique. I’m gonna bring in gray
brown and I’m going to use this on top of an
acrylic block at first to put down a very
light wash of color. And then I’m also going
to add it directly to the paper in certain areas. So I’m using this as sort of a background color
behind the flowers. I’m not being super
precise about this. I just mostly want
the darkest areas of the gray to be
nearest the flowers. So I’m coming in and
painting all these areas. Now, I did want to
mention that you want to be fairly careful
when you’re painting up against some of these
really strong colors like the reds and
oranges because if your wet paintbrush
touches any of those areas it can start to bleed
out into the gray. The color does reactivate
after it’s been dry, so you have to be a little
bit careful with that. So after I had all
of that gray on there and I was happy
with the results, I took my tape off
my watercolor piece and then I stamped this
greeting from Simon Says Stamp and I’ll have the exact
stamp set listed down below. I’m using my misty tool
because I’m stamping onto watercolor paper
which is quite textured, and I wanted to make sure
I got a good impression. I used VersaMark onyx
black ink for that, and then I trimmed down
that watercolor piece to be slightly smaller
than a five by seven card. My card base is made
out of some Bazzill Licorice Twist card
stock, and I folded that to create a top folding
landscape five by seven card. So I scored that at five inches. I then took some white
card stock that was cut to slightly smaller
than five by seven, added some Tombow extreme
adhesive on the back, and then placed it on
the inside of the card. This gives me a place to write a message to the card recipient. I then took my watercolor piece, and put it on some foam adhesive and then pressed that
down onto the card front. This card is almost done,
but then I realized that where I placed that
greeting, it looked like it was just sort
of floating there. Now I was limited on
where I could place that greeting because
it was quite long. In fact I did cut that
stamp in half to get better placement, but
in order to make it look like it belongs in that
area a little bit more, I took a black marker,
this happens to be a Memento tuxedo black marker, and a T square ruler and
I added some dash lines going all the way
across this looking like they go behind the flowers. This really grounds
that greeting and gives it more of
a home on the card. So that’s pretty much
the card for today. Hope you guys enjoyed. I’m hoping to do some
more of these videos using some Clean Color
real brush markers, so watch out for
those in the future. Thanks so much for
watching today’s video. Like I said before,
all of the supplies are listed down below,
or over at my blog. Thanks for watching,
and I’ll catch you guys in the next card video. (pleasant music)


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