Tombow Irojiten Pencils

Thank you for choosing TOMBOW’S
Irojiten Colored Pencils. These premium-quality pencils
are beautifully crafted and offer excellent
color-fastness and strong point strength. They include 90
beautiful colors and are packaged in unique booklets
with three editions per set, 10 pencils per addition. The palettes include pale,
vivid, and deep tones, and 10 unique fluorescent colors
that glow under black light. I started this drawing by
sketching the artichoke flower, then lightly blackening colors. To add fluff to the flowers,
I’m using a strike stroke. The stroke lands hard, and
then with a flicking motion, takes off lightly to
create a varied stroke, excellent for rendering
fur, feathers, or grass. Irojiten pencils work superbly
for blending and layering colors, where soft color layers
are added to create appealing effects in your masterpieces. The hard and dense lead
also requires less work to fill in color fields. For the same reason, it
holds a sharp point longer, which is great, as
you don’t need to stop and constantly
re-sharpen the pencil. The strong point strength
and precise engineering in the hardwood
pencils also means the lead does not
break when sharpening Irojiten colored pencils are
highly pigmented with less wax that enables you
to build up more layers without a waxy bloom. Irojiten colors
blend beautifully, and the colors don’t get
muddied when blended. Thank you for watching me create
with TOMBOW Irojiten Colored Pencils.


  • Brianna Paulling


  • Evelyne Dy

    tres joli thank you

  • AlphaPhoenicis

    A pencil in the intro had a broken lead 🙂

  • volim volim

    most languages letter i = ee (as letter i in word fish) eerowjeeten and e leet is often pronouced as in word ten..this rule goes for most languages..french and english languages have too many complications
    Nice pencils, got to get me some.


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