Tony Cragg at Yorkshire Sculpture Park

Sculpture is a study of the whole,
the entire material world. It’s about how material
and material forms affect us. Sculpture is one of the only things… It’s a rare use of material
that is not utilitarian. It’s not useful. It’s for nothing. It is free and this freedom
allows the material to grow in the most bizarre
and strange ways. Sometimes beautifully,
sometimes ridiculous, whatever it is. There are endless possibilities. WOMAN:He’s really pushing the boundaries
of what these materials are capable of.
For example, Caldera,
the huge bronze piece
which will announce the exhibition
at the beginning of the park,
is essentially hollow — you can’t have
a solid bronze sculpture.
And the way that he’s got round that
in Caldera is that it’s hollow,
you can go inside it, so you actually
experience the sculpture from the inside.
This is how he’s really pushing
and testing the use of these materials.
Sculpture is an incredibly dynamic
discipline. It’s changed from
just being about the figure to being about all materials
and being this new definition. It has an endless amount of possibilities. I mean, this is a work I call Minster,
for obvious reasons. It’s a little bit like part of a church
or whatever. I made work in the early ’70s,
just stacking stuff up. This is very simplistic, but it really
does play a role in my work up to today, where I feel you have a certain thing
with a certain set of rules and certain form, but as soon as you start to change it
and do other things with it, you’ll find a different association. The Yorkshire Sculpture Park is one of
the greatest sculpture parks in the world. I’m delighted, in fact, honoured
to make an exhibition on the 40th year
of the Yorkshire Sculpture Park. I don’t exhibit that much in Britain, so it’s great to have an opportunity
in a major institution to exhibit my work. I’m very pleased to be here. To see the work being transformed
in the light and in the circumstances or in the seasons, I think it really
adds a dimension to looking at work.


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