Tool Kit: Brushes Tutorial – iluvsarahii + Patrick Ta

I’m here today with a special guest. I have Patrick here. Hey, guys. We’re here today to talk to you guys all about
our favorite brushes and share some tips with you guys, why we like them, what we use them
for. And we have a couple very similar brushes,
too. I think this is going to be very exciting. One of my favorite is a blending brush. This is a tapered blending brush. And this to me is a must have brush to have
in your kit. It’s perfect for the crease, perfect for blending. I feel like I cannot live without this type
of brush. Do you prefer a blending brush to have more
of like a dome shape or a pointed shape? Because I prefer a dome shape. Like the dome shape. So, see, I like a pointed because I like to
be able to cut the crease a little bit and kind of get in there. And I like to feather and taper it out. I love this stippling brush because I use
it for … In my eyeshadow primer, I like to basically pat on my eyeshadow primer rather
than swiping, where I’ll go in circular motions. I feel like this is the perfect dome shape
to really get into … Yeah. … your crease and get into your inner corner
of the eye. It feels good, too. It’s soft, right? Oh, yeah. It’s soft, but it’s firm. The next brush is this dual fiber brush. This is-
Twinsies. Yeah … amazing. This is perfect for even adding a lid color
on but also under eye powder, translucent powder, or even carving the little bit underneath
the cheek. I love using this brush as like a touch up
brush because when … Yeah. … I’m with my clients throughout the day,
I don’t like having a big powder brush to stipple on their face. I like to leave some areas more dewy so the
powder- Like spot treating. Yeah. I just basically spot powder. Yeah, I agree. The next one I love is this dome shape pencil
brush. I always need a pencil brush for my under
eye. It’s super important for me to get that super
diffused look underneath the eye. I don’t ever like too harsh of under eye. I think this brush definitely does the job. See, and then I’m a little opposite. I use the flat one. Mine is a flat dome shape so it’s very similar. The only difference, like with this one, I
find myself going really low on myself personally. On clients, I think this is probably a lot
easier to use it. For myself, the flat one, I’m really able
to smudge it. Because it’s kind of blending and a dome shape,
I’m also able to really smudge it out. This one, I don’t know, they’re very similar,
but they’re so different. I have so many of these, too, and I always
go back to this one. I’m doing her makeup today, so I’m going to
try that one out. It’s bomb. It’s really good. Next brush I love is a concealer brush. This is also a synthetic brush. I love this for pretty much cleaning up. If I do my lip products and I need to clean
up the line or if I want to carve up a little bit underneath of the brow. I also love this for packing on primer under
the eye because it kind of mimics the same thing as a finger. It’s really giving you a gentle push on to
the eye and it’s spreading it evenly across the lid. I really like it for that. Also just small details. You can really carve things out. If you used it from the end, you can really
create and make lines or whatever you’ve got to do. It’s a perfect brush to have in the kit. This is a synthetic angled brush. It’s super dense actually. I like to use this brush to apply eyeshadow
as highlighter. More of that diffused look. Yeah. I really feel like it picks up pigment really
well. Yeah. Because it’s a little bit more dense, I feel
like I can really shape out my eye or my client’s eye. With it being synthetic, you can create hair
strokes on the brows too with it. My last favorite is a OG, just flat eyeshadow
brush. This is a must have. I like this for packing on shadow onto the
lid, especially matte colors. I really like this to really push it into
place. I actually also really like this to contour. What I like to do for the nose is actually
buff out the nose area. I like it because it’s not too wide but it’s
not too thin. You’re really able to get a diffused nose
contour with this. I feel like everything I do a nose contour,
I reach for this brush in particular. The way to use this brush, the best way in
my personal opinion, is to hold it by the tip so you have less pressure on it and then
you just kind of go up and down. By doing those light strokes, you’re really
getting more of airbrush finish. If you go too in like this, it’s almost harsh. You’ve got to be really light handed with
this one. I also like this brush if I want more of a
defined crease. Because it’s not dome shape, it’s a flatter
shape, you can really just … But it’s soft. It’s a soft carve. Soft carved crease. Like a baby carve. Yeah. That concludes our favorite brushes. I hope you guys learned something from us. It’s super important to have brushes that
you love for your eyes, for your face. That just makes the process that much easier
and that much more fun.

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