Top 10 Incredible Sculptures You Won’t Believe They Are Real

10 Cool Sculptures You Won’t Believe Actually
Exist Have you realized how predictable your life
is? You wake up at the same time, go to work at
the same place and your evenings end the same way, day after day. How monotonous! Relax, we are all stuck in the same cycle
but at times people burst the restrictive walls and end up on the not so travelled route! This can happen with people of any field but
today we are focusing on sculptors who have created the most innovative pieces of art. Does that raise any interest in you? Good, because we are unveiling 10 of the coolest
sculptures the artists of today have gifted the world. Let’s take a look! Number 1. Diminish and Ascend, Australia
How about we tell you that there is a possibility of a surreal escape to heaven? A sculptural installation by artist David
McCracken, a never ending staircase into the vast skies is one of the most eye-catching
pieces in Sydney. But it is nothing more than an optical illusion! By constructing a modified replica of a staircase
that decreases in size as it nears its highest and furthest point from eye-level, it gives
off the illusion of an infinite stairway to heaven as the aluminum steps ascend into the
clouds without an end in sight. Smart! Number 2. The Bather, Germany
In 2011, the boaters of Hamburg got a surprise, a huge one! A giant, styrofoam-and-steel sculpture showing
a woman’s head and knees was set up in a lake and it appeared as if she were soaking
in a bathtub. Artist Oliver Voss created the 13-foot-high,
98-foot-long sculpture with the aim of ‘becoming a topic of conversation in Germany’. He succeeded because people were talking,
for some it was a work of art while for some disgruntled city-dwellers it was just an eyesore! Nonetheless, the concept was interesting and
it made the lake look like a giant bath! Number 3. The Last Supper, USA
Hooded figures that strikingly resemble Death himself, huddle together against the desert’s
void just beyond the ghost town of Rhyolite, near the Death Valley. That’s eerily appropriate! But any idea what they are? Well, that’s Belgian artist Albert Szukalski’s
version of Leonardo da Vinci’s painting of Christ’s Last Supper, made out of ghosts. Yikes! The Goldwell Open Air Museum attracts tourists
with its satanic enchantment and you’ll realize its power when you reach there! But if you want to make the most of it, visit
it at night when it looks mysterious with a special illumination that lights it from
the inside! Number 4. Les Voyageurs, Marseilles, France
When you look at the extraordinary series of eye-catching sculptures of voyagers designed
by French artist Bruno Catalano, you will be swept off your feet! They are realistic human workers with major
chunks of their bodies missing. Even without the omission, the sculptures
are enviably awesome pieces of art but the missing parts open doors to interesting interpretations. Are the voyagers missing something that they
are looking for or have they left a part of themselves behind in their journey? The answers are unknown but that keeps it
intriguing, right? Number 5. Molinere Underwater Sculpture Park, Grenada,
West Indies It is what the name suggests, a collection
of ecological underwater contemporary art located in the Caribbean Sea. Created by British sculptor, Jason deCaires
Taylor, it was the world’s first underwater sculpture park! Concrete figures were installed onto the ocean
floor relatively fixed and permanent, on which marine life may develop. As artificial reefs, these sculptures are
proving highly successful so far in attracting a stunning array of varied marine life and
thus visitors are also flocking towards it! From solitary individuals to a ring of children
holding hands, facing into the oceanic currents, the park has it all and we suppose you wouldn’t
want to miss a chance to visit it! Number 6. Karma, USA
We are talking about the impressive sculpture located in the Sydney and Walda Besthoff Sculpture
Garden at the New Orleans Museum of Art. Designed by Korean artist Do Ho Suh, the sculpture
depicts a tower of blinded men rising into the sky. When you stand at the foot of this sculpture
you’ll feel that it rises up till infinity but the thing is only 7 meters in height! That’s the illusion it creates for the viewers,
now you know why it attracts so many people! Shall we reveal the secret? Well, the 98 stainless steel figures slightly
decrease, therefore, gives a feeling that the tower is much longer than it actually
is. Illusion is an art and Do Ho Suh is the master
of this art! Number 7. Wonderland, Canada
The Spanish sculptor, Jaume Plensa created a 12-meter tall public art piece which is
located at the base of the tallest tower in Calgary, The Bow. Any idea what this wonderland is? It is a wire mesh sculpture of a little girl’s
head which is said to be inspired a girl in Spain. The objective of the sculpture is to inspire
everyone who sees it as a true representation of the architecture of our own bodies, the
palace of our dreams. The best thing about the sculpture is that
the visitors can walk through it! Yes, there are two openings allowing the viewers
to enter and exit. Do you still have a reason to not pay it a
visit? Number 8. Kelpies, Grangemouth, UK
Standing near River Carron is a new parkland project called The Helix, built to connect
16 communities in the Falkirk Council Area, Scotland. But we’ll just focus on The Kelpies, the
30-metre-high horse-head sculptures, designed by sculptor Andy Scott. They are a monument to horse powered heritage
across Scotland, a must visit during your time in Grangemouth. At night when the Kelpies are in their full
glory with the right lighting from within, you will find your jaw dropping at the sight! Number 9. Runner, Greece
Athens might be one of the safest cities in the world, but in case you run into this renowned
runner in the city, you could be cut into pieces! We are talking about the big Greek guy named
Dromeas who stands tall at 12 meters. Confused? Well, Dromeas is a dashing sculpture at Megalis
tou Genous Sholi square near the Hilton Athens Hotel on Vassilissis Sofias Avenue. Created in 1994 by sculptor Costas Varotsos,
the sculpture is built from thousands of broken pieces and shards of glass stacked into the
shape of a runner in full sprint! Number 10. Sinking Building Outside State Library, Australia
What if we say that a library in Australia was so full of books that it ultimately succumbed
to the weight and drowned in concrete? Ah, we see interest and the job is done so
now we can tell you the truth! No library ever drowned, it is a sculpture
in front of the State Library of Victoria on Swanston Street. But you’ll actually be confused if the library
was sinking or fighting back to rise because it seems as if the top corner of the building
is peeking out from the sidewalk! Which of these cool sculptures impressed you
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