Top 10 Scary Sculptures Caught Moving

What’s up top 10 fam hope you’re having
an awesome day, Im your host Ayman Hasan and welcome back to another video. Now sculptures are gorgeous, it blows my mind
that people can make these creations with their hands like that raw artistic talent
is irreplaceable. Either way the good thing about sculptures
is that they dont move, or rather they shouldnt be moving. Like it shouldnt be possible and yet they
do. People have captured videos of sculptures
moving and its like um this was not part of the deal. So lets just jump into it, these are the Top
10 Scary Sculptures Caught Moving. Starting us off with number 10 is The Bleeding
Hairline. This one had me shook honestly but in hindsight
it doesnt take much. Back in 2012 in baton Rouge Louisiana Mr.
Doan was mowing his lawn when he saw something incredulous. He owned a Virgin Mary holding baby Jesus
sculpture and she was bleeding from her temple. He touched it and realised it really was wet
and it really was coming from her hairline. The couple told Channel 13 News they believed
it was a message from god and that after telling all her neighbours what happened they all
spent the night praying to the sculpture. Even people not living in their neighbourhood
came to see the miracle in person. Even a professor of religious studies at Louisiana
University said it may have happened because of the worshippers’ lifetime devotion. Either way what dyu guys think? Hoax or real? Coming in at number 9 is The Haunting of Hill
House. Now i didnt wanna confine this list to just
real life sculptures so i decided to throw this easter egg in there. Now early on in The Haunting of Hill House,
i think this happens in episode 2 or 3, the power in the house goes out and Nell disappears
so the family set off to look for her in the house. Olivia flashlight in hand, enters a bedroom
on the second floor that has two standing sculptures on either side. She goes in and calls out Nellie and as the
camera pans to her and you see the sculptures behind her. Not many people noticed this but the sculpture
on the left of her was looking straight ahead when she walked into the room but when the
camera pans the sculpture is actually looking at Olivia. Now i know its a scary show and that these
things tend to happen, but it was such a subtle detail that rarely anyone saw it but if youre
a fan of the show. Youre welcome. At number 8 we have The Moving Kids. now this one is creepy as hell you guys. So this article by Maggie Watson claims that
an anonymous woman decided to move out of the city and move into the suburbs because
she felt it was safer to raise her kids there. But thinking the suburbs were safe was a mistake. Slowly but surely sculptures started appearing
on her lawn outside her house and she had no idea who was putting them there. At first she thought it was a prank from kids
on her street but it wasnt. All the sculptures were of little kids, the
first were 2 holding a bowl of some kind while sitting down. The next one was a little boy kneeling on
one leg. The next one was a tiny girl. It was just weird, the woman took the whole
thing as a bad omen since a new sculpture was on her lawn everyday without fail. But every morning the statues would be closer
to the house than the night before kinda like they were moving overnight when no one could
see them. The most recent sculpture showed up right
outside her doorstep. Like honestly imagine waking up and going
to drop your kids off at school and the first thing you see when you open the door is a
small smiling sculpture of a girl. Its creepy. Filling our number 7 slot is The Toronto Series. I was so surprised to find this story because
a) i live in toronto, b) I go to the waterfront all the time and c) i never saw these sculptures. So back in 2016 the Arrival sculptures arrived
at Ireland Park in Toronto. The first was the Jubilant Man who has his
arms in the air hoping for something, the second is Orphan Boy which is a little boy
with his hands like this and looking melancholy, the third is Pregnant Woman which is basically
a groaning woman holding her belly, we have the Cringy Apprehensive Man, and finally the
Woman on Ground who’s basically a dead woman who lowkey looks like a recovered body from
Pompeii I kid you not. All the sculptures are made of bronze and
many have claimed to see the Dead Woman move under the quilt or blanket sculpted on top
of her. The sculptures made by Rowan Gillespie were
designed to honour the Great Famine that happened in the late 1840s in Ireland. People have speculated that the wandering
souls of those who died in the famine went into that sculpture and thats why it was moving. I think thats a reach but what dyu guys think? Now at number 6 are the Lions. Lions are my favourite animals, and for many
reasons, 1) they’re the king of the jungle, 2) im a leo so hello, 3) i love every type
of feline im a cat lady you all know this so a lion is just the epitome of a feline. Either way at the University of Cincinnati
there are two stone lion sculptures standing out McMicken Hall. McMicken isnt a residence hall, its strictly
for classes and faculty members’ offices. But with 21 departments operating inside of
it, students are going in and out like nobodies business. Many many students have reported hearing a
growl at night and clearly theres no rogue escaped lion near the campus so it had to
have come from the sculptures. Legend has it or rather the students have
speculated tha tthe sculptures only move if a cheater or a virgin walks past them. For what reason specifically? Only god knows. Coming in at number 5 is The Smile. Now this one is such a tiny change I had to
watch the video a billion times to actually catch it. But back in 2016 at a church in Kuala Lumpur
lies a sculpture of the Virgin Mary. Churchgoers claim the sculpture not only smiles,
it moved its eyes and it grew taller. During a Sunday Mass, the priest himself noticed
the miracle and told everyone to look at her. Shes looking at us, she had tears in her eyes. He went on to tell reporters that when they
all started singing Ave Maria she started smiling and moving her lips. Now shes made from fibreglass but onlooks
said she apparently not only turned into porcelain but she grew 3 inches taller. Im sorry? Like i can suspend my disbelief enough and
believe okay maybe she smiled but to transform into another material and grow? Nah i feel like im on episode of punk’d
right now. Ashton come out already. At number 4 are the Scented Tears. Way back in 2002 in Perth, a fibreglass Virgin
mary started crying, but her tears smelled oddly nice. Her owner brought her back from Bangkok and
announced to the media that her statue was crying and so a mass gathered at the small
church shes located in to see it in person. Even the Archbishop of Perth believed the
tears to be authentic saying he thought it was a hoax at first but saw it in person and
was taken aback. To get to the bottom of this so-called miracle
scientists took samples of her tears to try and find out etiher what they were or where
they were coming from. After x raying the whole sculpture they found
no cavities or liquid inside her. One of the local priests in Perth claimed
if you used the tears as an oil it can heal the sick. I dont know how useful that made up remedy
is pal but we salute you for trying your medieval ways. Filling our number 3 slot is Benjamin Franklin. Near the library of the American Philosophical
Society in Philadelphia theres a huge sculpture of Benjamin Franklin which isnt surprising
since he was one of the people who founded the society in 1743. I could tell you a lot more but im not about
to launch into a 2 minute history lecture about the society LOL. ill save you guys the
boredom. By the late 19th century after Franklin had
died, many saw his ghost near the library wandering around and i guess making sure people
were learning efficiently. Legend has it that his statue comes to life
and dances in the streets at night and people who had seen it way back when had no way of
recording or capturing that moment so really its all just hearsay. Like they say in the 21st century, pics or
it didnt happen. Now at number 2 is The Doll’s House. This is another one located very near to me
which took me by surprise but also lowkey totally not mad at it. Located in Niagara Falls, the canadian side,
The Doll’s House was built in 1835 and it did a lot more than just house inanimate dolls. Apparently the house had a tunnel underneath
where slaves would be received after escaping from the American side. Apparently in one of these escapades a young
girl drowned in a well deep below the House. After that point various sculptures inside
the Doll’s House would start moving all on their own and that a ghost of a girl carrying
lilacs manifests near the staircase. Now i dont know who the ghost is but im assuming
shes the one who died in the well. The House also weirdly smells like lilacs
despite none being on the property. The sculptures are said to have moved on CCTV
footage, and the owner of the house has frequently found them in a different place from the night
before. Let me tell you something i dont do, i dont
do creepy dolls, i dont do moving sculpture dolls and i dont do tomatoes. Hate em. And finally at number 1 is Witch Bonney. There are so many stories surrounding Witch
Bonneys origins its actually insane. Some claim she was a Mill Girl, others say
she was hanged during the Salem witch trials, no one really knows. Her gravestone is located at Lowell (low-ul)
Cemetery in Massachusetts and it bears the names of her whole family. The cemetery is also home to the Witch Bonney
sculpture, her arms are outstretched holding a sheet above her head and behind her. It looks like the sheet is majestically billowing
in the wind, her eyes are staring at the sky and there’s a black tear under her left eye. In terms of outfit shes wearing a toga sort
of off shoulder dress and that lets you see the top parts of her breasts. Legend has it that every October her dress
starts getting lower day by day and by Halloween her breasts are fully exposed. Now for scandalous expose dem nipples girl
but on a real note Wiccans leave offerings for her every Halloween and congregate that
so surely if this did happen someone would have seen it. Maybe Wiccans have seen it but are choosing
to keep it secret in their community who knows. And thats it for todays video guys! I know weve done many scary statues caught
moving videos but i thought i could do my own take on it and TRY to tell you guys instances
that you havent heard before. I hope these were all new to you but if not
i do apologise. Let me know what you thought in the comments
below and as always im your host Ayman Hasan and ill see you in the next one. Byee!


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