Top 5 Bedroom Interior Design Ideas and Tips

When it comes to setting the desired
mood in your bedroom color, lighting, texture and each object plays a powerful
and important role in the space a comfortable and nice atmosphere in your
bedroom will improve your sleep and you will wake up every morning
feeling refreshed and relaxed a good bedroom design will
transform your whole day into a great one! hi, I’m Zahira and In this video
I will share with you some tips to design your own bedroom
as your personal sanctuary to recover your body and soul
in the best way possible if you have any question
after watching this video or you need some any
specific advice to achieve your bedroom design please let me know in
a comment below! I will respond to all of you! here we go with bedroom design tips
for a better sleep! the color you choose
for your bedroom walls bedding, flooring, and furnishings directly influence your general
frame of mind so choose tones that provide
a calm sensation bright and vibrant colors can be fun but sometimes it’s best not to
use them within a bedroom Instead, use calm,
cozy and relaxing colors like earthy tones,
muted greens, rose or peach if you would still like to incorporate
bright colors in your bedroom use them as accents
on your pillows, artwork or in some specific
detail the release of hormones such
as cortisol and melatonin partly depend on lighting multiple scientific studies blame the bad use
of artificial lighting for causing various problems
such as stress, insomnia and obesity this, in part is the result of illumination with an incorrect use in interior design and the long exposure
to electronic devices in moments before falling asleep so how do we avoid this? well, we come from nature and copying it will always be
a good option recreating the natural light of the sunset
is very useful to induce sleep the sunset informs
your circadian rhythm that it is time to relax
because the day is over the sunset lighting atmosphere is warm, soft and has an indirect lighting to achieve this ambience
in interior design you can use indirect lights
through LED strips or table lamps with a screen
to soften up the light also you need to be sure
that the lighting source of the lamps have a
warm color temperature how you know the color
temperature of your bulb? easy!
all bulbs in the package say it to have a warm atmosphere in your space
you should choose the color temperature between
2000k – 3000k kelvin degree commonly known
as a “yellow or warm” light sensations before sleep
can make a difference feeling the texture
of the floor mats with your bare feet the soft cotton of your blanket or pillows is a very
appropriate way to relax choosing products with
high quality and natural materials are essentials for feeling
comfortable and relaxed include beautiful and stylish furniture pieces but in soft and trendy textures like velvet too much clutter can cause anxiety and lack of sleep try to keep your bedroom in order and with enough space for circulation and developing your activities
in a comfortable way there are several storage options you can use in your bedroom or closet that will end the clutter some scents like: Lavender, Bergamot,
Jasmine, Rose and Vanilla are the best because its scent may slow down
the nervous system which relaxes the body
and mind to improve sleep quality remember! our senses are responsible for receiving
the information from our space and telling our brain that
we are in a pleasant and comfortable place a good design goes beyond
the aesthetic aspects and how we perceive it
through our senses can improve our life quality obviously there are other common stuff like investing in a good mattress,
sheets, pillows or blackout curtains that will truly improve
your sleep experience my advices for improving
your bedroom design ends here now I have some good news
for design lovers! as D.Signers magazine’s director I will be attending
the Milan Design Week one of the most important
design events so stay tuned and follow me
on instagram as I will be sharing with you
the latest in interior design architecture and trends Thanks for watching and remember if you liked
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