Top 5 weathering techniques for building scale models


  • Didier Hoornaert

    Please use white light. Everything we see gets yellow artificial light and we do not have a clear picture. Thank you for your good advice.

  • mike love

    kind of a stupid question, what type of sponge is there a certain type that works best?

  • ricky perry

    OMG, Dave that is by far the VERY best tank model I have ever seen.!!!!!!!

  • sunchaser w

    So professional and innovative… Thanks so much

  • Eyonyx & RAZERlazer 109

    I like the home made mud!! I’ll definitely try it! 😜

  • Woodsquatch

    Love your videos. However, you always seem like your whispering as to not wake up your wife and kids. Lol.

  • Bumbling Brit

    I don't know why everyone's complaining about your mic. Sure, it wasn't like TV studio quality, but it was totally understandable and not at all irritating to listen to. Thanks for the vid!

  • graham aker

    Thanks for the tips!! I'm building a M51 super sherman diorama for the battle of mt sinai. Any advice on how should I weather my tank? btw your voice sounded like Gordon Ramsay XD

  • questionable mistake

    finally a good beginners with out an air brush, almost every Technic requires an air brush but these video does not.
    it is nice to finally weather models

  • Rich Courtney

    Do you seal after weather effects, like the dusting ?

  • Brigante

    jack black

  • Michael Germino

    You are like the bob ross of weathering techniques. Great video!

  • Tuan Cuong Pham

    Thank god for the subtitles, the audio is so low

  • RJ Bayley

    With the mud, do I need to use a particular kind of dirt or can I just use dog dirt?

  • greg cooke

    Sherman tank with the mud looks really sharp , I think improvising with materials is not only cheaper but can create a better look than manufactured modelling products . Just hope the cat hasn’t been going in the garden. Great job!

  • One Man's Junk Is Another Man's Treasure

    😂😂 "if you want to be a fancypants you could use water from a tap"😂😂👌👏

  • corey seals

    Great video, but you had me at bees knees lol I love that saying!!!! Cheers mate good job and happy modeling to you.

  • Shaun Kenney

    This is great stuff. Been doing this off and on for 20 years, but these videos are really getting me back in the game. Much thanks!

  • Small Soldier

    Was just at Panzermisters channel and saw your collaboration then came here. Some interesting weathering techniques. If you have some time pop over and check my channel out. I'm trying to link up with some other YouTubers that have similar interests to mine. Keep up the great work. Oh I just subbed btw.

  • Thomas Gebhardt

    Dave, can you apply the rust sponge look over the dirt technique for a corroded rust look? Thanks

  • Sangeeth N

    Hi Dave, I’ve been a big fan of you for years…Could you please suggest me any website where I can buy such old wartime figures like the Vietnam jeep and the old truck with army men?

  • Swampbutt Stinson

    I wonder if powdered makeup foundation might work well for both dust and mud? Seems like it would have the very fine consistency one would be going for

  • Peter Smith

    Good tips mate, I just learnt about chipping fluid for acrylic paints and I'm really excited to try that, also wet painting acrylics to give a runny rust effect….

  • Philip Tomarchio

    Excellent tips for a new beginner such as myself. Thank you and keep them coming! Subscribed!
    Panzermeister sent me here!

  • J Griffiths

    Hi Dave,

    I've only just found your channel and am slowly working my way through your videos…

    With the chalk could you use a mortise and pestle to grind it into a much finer dust, also, may I ask, do you use a dry brush with the chalk/pigments and do you need to use something to keep it on after or just leave it…

    Many thanks for your time and help with these videos…

  • Rob Walker

    Hi Dave, great video, great techniques and what appeals to me is the cheap and chearful approach with a great end result. Just goes to prove you don't have to spend a shed load of money when you have things to hand, such as the mud effect. I find that with some shop bought items you get very little for your money. Although I have watched some of your videos before, a shout out to "panzermeister36" for adding the link to this video. Thumbs-up from me 👍🏻

  • Dušan Bača

    Hi Dave, I use for creating pigments out of soft pastels the fine mesh of a tea stainer.. with little pressure you get a very fine dust from the pastels almost as fine as the AK or MIG products.

  • Hanley Soloway

    Water from the tap? who do you think you are, the queen?

  • Nick Crook

    Great video.i'm just starting out and found these tips very useful.and great presentation with calm clear instructions.

  • Peter Willingham

    Great video, i had no problem with the audio, was clear as day to me. Have just got back into modelling after 50 years and your techniques are my go to vids, one question, what colours would you weather a dark yellow stug iv in, im really struggling with the weathering side of things. 
    Bit different nowadays compared to making Godzilla when i was 6.
    Keep up the great work. Thanks

  • GlennDawn Eldridge

    Just getting into the rc world, I'm definitely impressed with the ease of detail painting. Both you and Panzer have really been instrumental in my future build. Thanks for taking the time to show us Newbies a few tricks to the Hobby. Keep it up.

  • neilorourke71

    "Now don't be a sterotypical british gu-"
    "It's just the BEE'S KNEES"

  • André Dargains

    Nice tips though


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