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Hello friends! In India now it’s really to hot to bear! But today I will share with you 7 cool .. web design trends of 2019. I hope you will like this video .. So please continue watching. Hello, this is Ananya Banerjee and you are watching my channel .. You And Impact Today’s topic is very important for you to get some .. web design inspiration. To create an impact over the internet, you have to be up-to-date and trendy with time. This trend really plays a significant role to make creative websites. Now let me explain the 7 trends of web design. Trend 1=Minimalistic design This is a packaging box of a camera. Canon 600D So many information is given with colorful pictures. This is the box of an ipad. You see, only the apple logo iPad is written here. and .. This is side view of the ipad. All the colors .. in gray scale with white background. Just few simple most essential things are displayed. This concept has been drawn from a popular art form named minimalism. Minimalism art movement has began in the 1960s and early 1970s .. predominantly with American visual arts. later it crept into almost all the art forms. Apple’s founder Steve Jobs embraced the minimalist approach in their logo, product design .. brochure everywhere. He believed from the core that simplicity is the ultimate sofistication. In website design too, the minimalistic approach has been a great trend. So, you can go with this style to make some cool web design. Trend 2=Single page website with parallax effect A paradigm shift is being observed from traditional website to single page long layout. The main reason behind this change is story. As you all know, story is the most powerful weapon to engage an audience. a single page website layout tries to mimic that art of story telling. Every section of the layout is like a chapter of a storybook. As you scroll down, the new chapter comes up with different content. When the story ends at the bottom of the page a feedback form can inspire a visitor to take some desired action. Moreover, single page website is the best compatible to browse a website from a smartphone. We all are most habituated to browse a website from our mobile. Due to this fact it is expected that one-page design will dominate the coming decade. Now what is parallax effect. Parallax effect is an ornamentation over single page web design. It uses multiple backgrounds those move at different speeds during scrolling. This phenomenon gives a sense of 3 dimensional appearance. This way, the parallax effect makes the storytelling more dramatic. Trend 3=Dominant Typography Use of large dominant typographies to create innovative websites, has been a trend since the last couple of years. Big typographies, designed with icons, emojis, colour contrasts can be visually exciting to your audience. It creates visual weight to a part of the design, where you want to draw the viewer’s attention. You can always use this style for your website to stay up-to-date with your time. Trend 4=Illustration Illustration is an art form to create visual interpretation of a concept or process. In contrast with photography, it opens endless opportunities of creativity, if you adopt this style in your web design. Popular brands are using illustrations to depict their product or services. Use of illustration is gradually becoming more significant for the success of a website. Trend 5=Video Background At present maximum global internet consumption is dominated by video content. That is why, popular brands are using video backgrounds in their website, to demonstrate their product or service. Use of video, increases the user engagement to a great extent. So you can use video background, for your website to stay with the trends. Trend 6=Box and Grid design Grid based layouts are already very popular in web design. Grids create a system of order among the different elements in a web page. The systematic representation of information makes an user to understand the content in a better way. So as grid layouts are still in trend, you can use this style to create an awesome web design. Trend 7=UX design If your concern is only to display your website content in a better way, then UI or user interface design is sufficient for you. All those I discussed so far are only different types of UI design. But if you are developing application based interactive website, then you have to go for UX or user experience design. I have already introduced you with the concept of UX design in my last video. Just think, all the popular websites where we do maximum interaction with the interface, are examples of UX design. So go for UX design if you are looking for an interactive application based website. 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