TSL Plays: The Price Is Right (Kids Edition!)

Hi guys, welcome to another episode of TSL Plays And obviously I’m not with my regular cast… But today we’re playing Price is Right, with kids! Here are the rules! – Are you ready to play kids?
– Yay!! Okay, bring on the first item! Now kids, I think you will love this first item because it is… – Milo.
– It is milo, so clever Ignatius! It’s Nestle’s buy-5-get-1-free pack of six from Fairprice. You’ve been to Fairprice, kids? You’ve been to Fairprice, yes! All you need to do is guess how much this is. There are 3 options. Okay, on the count of 3… 1, 2, 3! Okay Ignatius, you are the fastest one. So what is your answer? Is it A, B or C? Hmm… C! C?! You think Milo costs $11.55? Unfortunately Ignatius, it’s not the right answer. So now, Allyna and Zach, you have a chance. 1, 2, 3! – Zach, what is your answer?
– A? A? Final answer? Good job Zach, you are correct! It is $3.55. Okay, so uncle will give you milo, okay? You don’t want to drink now? Do you need me to help you open? I help you open, I help you poke okay. Alright, shall we bring up the next item? Here we go! – Diaper!
– Wah, diapers!
– Eew!! – Why you eew?
– Yuck! – Yuck!
– Last time you didn’t wear diapers? – You think diapers are cheap or expensive?
– Expensive. Expensive? Why you say it’s expensive? Err, cos every time my mummy buy, sometimes she cannot buy… ): Your mum will appreciate you saying that! It is Merries Walker pants, 44 pieces and it is from Fairprice, size XL! – I think XL also cannot fit me.
– XXXXL! Alright Zach, what is your answer? Is it A, B, or C? – A?
– Unfortunately Zach, that is incorrect. 1, 2, 3! Ignatius, what is your answer? Hmm… B! – Well Ignatius, you are correct!
– Yay! – Now this item is very exciting.
– Yay! You know why? I love stationery. – I don’t know what to do if y’all don’t like.
– I like that! – Colour pencil!
– Ahhh… It is a Smiggle stationery set. We have a set of scented pencils. – It smells like cookie crunch!
– Cookie crunch! We also have erasers, ballpoint pens, colourful ice-cream highlighters and even poop goo! – Allyna, you want to play with the poop?
– I want to play. Why you all want to play with the poop? This is a questionable thing I need to ask myself. – I’m full of poop jokes!
– You are full of poop jokes? Please tell me one. – Knock knock!
– Who’s there? – Toy.
– Toy? Toy who? Toilet paper. That is a great joke! Wouldn’t work if you weren’t a kid. – Because Allyna didn’t had the chance to answer right, we’re gonna let her guess.
– So expensive! So expensive right? I also think: “Why so expensive?!” – Allyna, what do you think the answer is?
– C. – How sure are you?
– 100. 100% sure? Unfortunately, it is not correct. Okay never mind, we give the boys a chance to answer. 1, 2, 3! Oh, Zach was first! – Okay Zach, what is your answer?
– A? – Unfortunately, it is not correct!
– Uh-oh. You cannot answer already, both answers were wrong, of course you’ll get correct right! Let’s bring out the next item! – Yeah, I like it! It is a Disney Tsum Tsum mosquito repellent patch, 6 designs and 12 patches from Watsons. What is your favourite Disney character? Minnie Mouse! Oh, both of you like Minnie Mouse? You? – Stormtroopers.
– You like Stormtroopers, oh you’re a Star Wars fan! Now, we’re talking about mosquito repellent patch. Have y’all worn one before? – Mewtwo mewtwo!
– You got wear? Yeah, but I normally use the repellent spray. Ahh spray, clever! You wear mosquito repellent patch? Never. We got 3 options here, very easy. 1, 2, 3! Oh, Ignatius was first! – What is your answer?
– A. A? 90 cents? You sure? Err… no. – Then, what’s your answer?
– I think it’s B! – Sure anot?
– Ya! – How sure?
– Mmm, very sure. Very sure ah… You are correct! Ignatius, good job! It is $5.90! Oh, you can give them? Aww, you get to have them, yay! – Jeng jeng jeng!
– Gummy hamburger! This is the Yupi gummy burger candies. – Does it taste like hamburgers?
– I like to eat hamburgers. – You like to eat hamburgers, but does this taste like hamburgers?
– Ya! Yes? This tastes like hamburgers? Then I must really try this. 1, 2, 3! Not counted, Allyna first because y’all cheating! Cheating ah… cheaters don’t prosper! – Now Allyna, you get a chance to answer. Is it A, B or C?
– A. – A! Ignatius, do you want it?
– Yes! – Do you think the answer Allyna gave is correct?
– Yes! Because you are right, Allyna! It is $1.35, good job! What’s your favourite toy? Zach, what’s your favourite toy? – Zombies.
– Zombies, wow! – Ignatius, what’s your favourite toy?
– Pokemon! – Allyna, what’s your favourite toy?
– Dolls. – Dolls, what kind of dolls?
– Barbie. Okay, all you kids love these toys, but unfortunately I don’t have any of those toys. – But, what I have is… Jeng jeng jeng!
– I like lego! – LEGOS!
– I like lego. – You like lego?
– I also like lego. Lego classic bricks and ideas, 123 pieces. It’s from The Brick Shop. 1, 2, 3! – Zach, what is your answer?
– B? – B, how sure are you
– Very? – Very sure, wow, do you think he’s correct, Allyna and Ignatius?
– Err, no. – How much do you think it is?
– $5 – You think it’s $5.90. Allyna, how much do you think it is?
– $1. $1? $1 I can buy nothing! Yeah, this is really the reality of children nowadays, $1 cannot buy you anything! Okay Zach, you said B, and guess what? You are correct! My mummy buy lego is only $5 one… Oh, maybe it’s not this brand, maybe it’s the off-brand kind. Last item! This is the Best Man balloon. Now, inside there are 32 tubes. Zach, have you played with this before? How big can you blow the balloon? Wow really? I want to see later. Allyna, have you blew this balloon before? Never try, you wanna try? – No.
– Later you try, okay? – Zach, we start with you, how much do you think this is?
– $5.30. $5.30. – Allyna, how much do you think this is?
– $25. $25? Okay, $25. – Ignatius, how much do you think this is?
– 35000000… – $350000…
– No no, I haven’t finish! – How many zeroes?
– Mmm… 100! 35, with a hundred zeroes at the end. The actual price is… $2.10, so the closest is Zach! – Kids, how was the game? Did you enjoy the game?
– Yes! Thank you very much for watch- Thank you ver- Thank you very much for watching this episode of TSL Plays. As always, you can like, share and subscribe, and watch our other videos over there! This is the most challenging shoot I’ve ever been on! – Thank you and byeee!
– Poop!


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