Tumbler Tutorial | Tack-It Method Alternative

well hello again thank you for stopping
by today’s video is gonna be all about this tacit method that’s breaking the
internet we’re gonna be doing an alternative so don’t run out and buy all
this expensive stuff yet because we know when something is popular the price goes
up you don’t have to do all that you probably have something you can use in
your house right now this video we’re gonna do the e6000 spray adhesive method all right hello again today is the
tutorial I promised on using e6000 spray adhesive as a tacit method alternative
now my pump is broken well it’s not broken it’s clogged and that’s a problem
I know a lot of you mentioned in the group so what I’ve done with mine is I
just put it in this little jar and it works perfectly since I use it mostly
with a brush all right so what I do I’m just gonna jump right into it
in order to get the holographic effects with this amazing glitter wishful
thinking from painted Valley designs yeah I love this stuff it’s not even an
ultra or super fine glitter it’s just fine it’s amazing and even in the jar
it’s super holographic in laser II all right take out your this I’m using a
makeup brush I have the link in the description below I love makeup brushes
because the bristles are really soft they’re thin bristles and I never get
streaks even when I’m using Mod Podge I don’t get streaks like I would if I were
using a regular paint brush all right so I just dip it dip the brush into the jar
a little bit then I recap it because the stuff dries pretty quickly now you’re
just gonna paint on your adhesive a little goes a pretty long way and then
you’re gonna wait a little while for it to get tacky you all right so we’re still a little wet
here and now I have my brush in some water because again this stuff dries
pretty quickly so you want to make sure you rinse your brush off because you do
not want this stuff to dry on your brush treat it like Mod Podge translate dry
also with this method see here you see those streaks sometimes you just you
just gotta babysit them and spread them out admittedly it is more work than using
the tacit stuff but it’s worth it if you don’t have access to the tacit adhesive
I mean it’s not your only option so using a different method is gonna open
up you’re using the same method with a different adhesive just opened your
table for a create for further creativity you know and that’s what this
is all about being creative and making things work in a non-traditional way
which is one thing I love about crafting and that’s my only objective with
showing you guys these different methods is just let you know that you don’t have
to run out and buy the latest fad product to achieve a certain look
because who wants to do that like all these places are now out of stock of
this stuff that nobody knew existed not too long ago people would buy it to
Reese tick their mats yeah but now the people are jacking up the prices like
tenfold it’s ridiculous I’m just here to show you that it’s not your only option
alright so that was the e6000 it’s pretty clear and if we have a tacky
surface yeah so now COEs glitter time alright so what
I do because I don’t want to waste too much I’m just gonna dump some on and rub
it in as I do it this way I’m not like having too much fall off but I feel like
that’s a little wasteful because once this touches this glue any of the glue comes off with it it’s
like contaminating your glitter and I’m just lightly brushing it on I’m not even
pushing down on him just it was like zero weight on my finger you and there might be spots that show up
where the glue is has dry too much or it ran and there’s no glue there that’s
okay you can very easily go over it a second
time you
can you forget anything that’s lifting up or anything that’s not flat and just
this is my finger now I’m just gonna this is like
furnishing like I’m polishing it just really making sure there’s nothing and
it’s all flat and really in the gloop and there you have it you can see on
here that the gold but where the gold was you get much more much better
coverage than the white but it still looks pretty awesome and I’m handling it like you wouldn’t be
able to do this with poxy with the epoxy method nope no I guess I could do I’ll
do a second coating so I can cover this part well it’s kind of tacky here so I
guess not tacky enough let’s see what happens when I just try to get that part doing the same process with the brush
dipping it in the e6000 just a little bit like I said a little goes a long way actually you know what let’s do the
whole cup see what a second coat looks like you mind you this was not prepared correctly
this is just for the sake of this video to show you all the technique and that’s
it one of the questions that I’ve gotten a lot is will this work with a regular
glitter it will however with the glitter being flat regular glare will not be as
sparkly because there are less facets for the light to bounce off of so keep
that in mind but it will work and it’ll look amazing you have a super holographically
tumbler I would say give every method a shot and see what works best for you
thanks for watching and please if you do this share your creation and your
results in our group at tumblr universe we’d love to see everyone’s work and
their inspirations if you liked this video give me a thumbs
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  • Big Guy Customs

    Do you epoxy it after you've finished this?

  • Sheryl Morgan

    And you don't think E6000 is expensive? And Aleene's Tacit goes farther.

  • Dawn Dyer

    This is awesome! Thank you for sharing!!

  • sinister dice

    Girrrrrrl you are awesome been looking at this method all night at work saying I was going to buy some and then boom soon as I get off this pops up much love for your creative ingenuity❤❤❤❤??

  • Tami Alex

    Love your videos. Just a suggestion…if you first spray your base with a matte clear sealer (can be Krylon or Rustoleum clear matte) and let this dry fully, the adhesive should not separate as you are brushing it on. Years before I jumped on the tumbler making bandwagon, I made decorated and embellished wine glasses with paints, metal leafing, glitter and embossing powders, and that's when I learned how versatile and helpful gilding adhesive is for art projects. I love how you think out of the box and how you've incorporated your liquid spray adhesive to get this look!

  • Yolanda C.

    So this technique can only be done with holographic glitter?!

  • Billie Senig

    Thank you for the alternative method. 🙂 Also, the kiddo is too darn cute for words ?

  • joic81

    Hi. I was wondering if you added water to the adhesive spray? I’m deaf so I can’t hear what was said. And the caption is not available for the video.


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