Tutorial Acrylic Skin Stickers – pouring on contact paper – new art and craft technique

Hello and welcome! This is your second free online tutorial to my book about acrylic pouring and Acrylic Skin Stickers. The Acrylic Skin Stickers and the technique to produce them are my own invention. In this tutorial I will teach you how to make them. You will get a self adhesive design foil that makes decorating objects extremely easy. This allows you to decorate surfaces that would be impossible to cover with the acrylic pouring technique alone. You will find all the material I use and a link to my book in the description below. I would recommend watching the tutorial about the basics of acrylic pouring first for better understanding. In this video I will also show you how to use your Acrylic Skin Sticker for a book cover like this. First of all – what is an acrylic skin? Normally acrylic skins are created by the leftover paint that drips from your canvas while you do the actual painting. This leftover paint dries to a thin flexible plastic layer like this one. But you can create acrylic skins on purpose to use them as a piece of art. Now we come to the technique. For the Acrylic Skin Stickers you need a self adhesive foil. I’ve tried a lot of them – like transparent foils with patterns… …metallic foils… …and protection foils for cars, but I want to show you the easiest and cheapest way. I use a self-adhesive transparent foil, which you normally use to cover books like school books. It’s thinner than the others and more flexible. It’s also much cheaper and easier to work with. There’s also a square pattern on the back that helps you cutting it straight. You get this foil in stationery shops or on the internet. But you have to prepare it in a special way before painting. Otherwise the paint comes off after drying or won’t stick from the beginning. I’ll show you how you can achieve that. We will start by taping the sides on a stiff surface like a piece of wood or a cardboard. The shiny part of the transparent foil should be on top. You can see how it reflects the light. Now gently roughen the surface with sandpaper. The shiny surface shouldn’t reflect the light anymore. It should look dull. After that put two coatings of acrylic color mixed with pouring medium as a base layer for your painting. Let it dry between the coatings. Now you can use it like a normal canvas and start to pour the paint. All techniques are possible. In my first tutorial I showed you how to premix the colors and how to use the acrylic pouring techniques. This is what we are going to need to create an acrylic skin sticker. For this piece, I begin with covering the surface with a black paint mixture then I use a cardboard roll. I put all the paint mixtures on top of each other and some white paint around the roll. Then I tilt the surface and torch it to create cells. Don’t torch the surface too much – you could damage the foil. At this point I’m using some metal pigment. Here you can also see the swipe technique. And I also use some drops of red acrylic ink. And again some golden pigment because I like the look. For more patterns you can use a palette knife. Then let it dry and clean the surface from silicon oil rests with a sponge, water and some dishwashing liquid. Now you can use the foil to cover almost everything. As an example, I show you how to create a personalized book cover. Cut the foil in the size you need. Then cover the front and the back of the book. If you want, you can leave a little window at the front for a photo or a text. I like to use a piece of cardboard in between so the cover looks a bit thicker. Cut the foil to cover the edges of the little window. I put a second layer of transparent foil around the other to protect it against wetness and mechanical stress. The second layer should be a bit bigger than the first one to cover it all. This is so easy, let’s do another quick one. Here we have the finish pieces. Now you’ve got a unique photo book or a sketch book. I hope this tutorial was helpful and you’ve enjoyed reading my book. I will provide you with lots of more information on how to use the Acrylic Skin Stickers in the next videos. So please subscribe to my channel. If you are interested in any other Acrylic Skin Sticker or acrylic pouring topics, please leave a comment. Have fun with creating your personalized covers and see you next time!

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