TUTORIAL! Esculpiendo a Siegmeyer de Catarina / Sculpting Siegmeyer of Catarina

Hello I am miguel paredes and I have braces. I had them put about 3 days ago I also had a tooth removed and it has been one of the most tortuous experiences I have had in life but if you are watching this video you are probably not interested in my current suffering considering that the title of the video has to do with: and if you who is watching this video have played dark souls you know that in some way is also a somewhat painful experience not as much as the braces or the tooth extraction well except the bed of chaos that was worse than a medieval torture… Fortunately this boss is the exception to the rule because most of the fights in this game are very good there are some that are extremely excellent, and in general, this game has many aspects that I love, the exploration of the areas, the designs of the enemies The design of creatures in this universe is spectacular my ideal job would be as a creature designer for fromsoftware games so Miyazaki, you know 😉 use my knowledge i beg you and since this is one of my favorite games maybe it’s in my top three, it was just a matter of time before I started making figures or drawings of this franchise and I wanted to start big, making a video of one of the most iconic and beloved characters of the saga. Unfortunately I lost the recording of the process. Anyway, here I show you some photos of how it looked at the end. Obviously I didn’t want to sit around crying in a corner so I decided to make a figure of another of the great characters in this saga. well, starting with the figure, for this type of characters what I recommend is to first make a wire structure, very similar to the one I made for the figure of sekiro go see that video if you haven’t seen it yet I used this sheet with a drawing of a human body as a guide to have under control the size of the structure and that everything was well proportioned, as you can see I made two equal pieces one for the right side and one for the left side then i joined them in the center with a little epoxy putty, then I also added a little of this same putty to the rest of the body except in the areas of the joints. And when this putty was dry I started to give volume to the figure with porcelain, obviously as it is a somewhat fat character I gave enough volume in this area and after this first layer of porcelain was dry I began to make the armor. For this armor I decided to use only epoxy putty, and, from my experience of course, making characters with mechanical features such as robots or characters with armor the epoxy putty is the best option, let’s say that sculpting surfaces with a rigid appearance, mechanical or very symmetrical is a little difficult with porcelain and I think this is because porcelain is not very well suited for sandpaper, whenever I try to sand something in porcelain what happens is that instead of giving a neat finish to the surface of the porcelain the only thing that happens is that the surface ends up peeling badly, I do not know, ends up giving the impression that the porcelain has skin cancer, that’s why for this type of characters I prefer to use epoxy putty As you can see I started by the feet, these have a design that goes by layers so I did that, I made those by layers (duh) I continued with the armor of the legs, I made the edges with a needle to make them look nice, another thing I did was to get my fingers a little wet when putting putty on the figure, this is because the epoxy putty is a little bit sticky so sometimes it happened that I was going to put a piece of armor to the figure and this piece instead of sticking to the figure stuck to my fingers, so I recommend to get your fingers a little wet. I also recommend you to be careful and not be so clumsy to accidentally wet the side of the armor that you want to stick to the figure, I tell you that because that definitely did not happen to me on several occasions 🙁 Then I made the folds of the pants with porcelain and when these folds were dry I applied a thin layer of epoxy putty, in this case I also used the putty because it is perfect when it comes to capture the texture of fabric, much better than porcelain in that function. Then I made the triangles that hang from the waist with epoxy, I simply put them on a cutting board, I put the texture of the fabric, I waited for them to dry and then I glued them to the figure. Then I continued with the torso, specifically that fricking belly, I did all this volume with porcelain, if you ask why I make the filler with this material is because the porcelain is relatively cheap, so I made three fat snakes for the main volumes of the body, and once they dried I started to cover everything with epoxy putty, I’ve seen some of your comments in other videos asking how much time it takes for the porcelain to dry, that if I don’t waste a lot of time waiting for it to dry blah blah blah blah, and to answer your questions, in the first place, what the porcelain takes to dry really depends on the amount or size of the piece you want to dry, if it is a ball of porcelain of 1 cm it dries in a couple of hours or less, but if it is a ball of 5 cm it may take a day or even longer, that’s why I prefer to work in layers, I think it works quite well, although it is still a slow process, and the other thing is that in order to not waste time, the thing I do is to make two or three figures at the same time, in that way while the first layers of the figure A dry, I go ahead and start working on the figure B, then I move on to the figure C and by the time I have advanced enough of it, figure A is already dry. After covering all the torso with epoxy putty I worked a little bit the details of the shoulders, then I used a sandpaper to match and give a better finish to the armor and after this the most tedious part of the whole figure came, At the beginning I had not even planned how I was going to make this figure, I simply said like ” oh yeah! lets make siegmeyer, it’s going to be fun ” and then I got to this part of the armor with all this decoration. I am referring to the vertical stripes and I thought “oh shit”. So the “easiest” thing, between quotation marks because it was not easy, but what occurred to me was, in the first place, to mark where these lines would go with a pencil and then I began to sculpt them, one by one putting this snake on the line drawn and then with a needle I began to give it a better shape, to correct the edges and to integrate them into the armor as it should be, as you can imagine i made a few of these lines and I waited for them to dry a little to avoid ruining the ones I had just made while manipulating the figure to put more, and now that I talk about this, I think I haven’t explained what epoxy is or how it works, this is basically a “clay” that is used to fill gaps, to weld or to model figures, it comes in boxes like this in which we can find a component A and a component B they are mixed in equal parts and it is ready to use, but when they are mixed the drying process starts immediately and it takes about 1 hour or an hour and a half to dry properly. After finishing with the decoration of the armor I continued with other details, like that thing that he has there in the chest, also worked a little more on the gauntlets and shoulder pads. And now we continue with the head and one of my favorite parts of the design of this character, seriously, I know I already said it but the design of the characters of this fucking game , they are amazing! if you have played this game you know that let me know in the comments which is your favorite character or boss or creature of this saga, by the way give it like and subscribe, 🙂 XDXDXDXI’MDEADINSIDE :O and, I do not know, for a next video I could make a top 10 of my favorite designs in dark souls or some shit like that. going back to the head, in the first place I made this structure in wire, basically the shape of the helmet, then I coated it with epoxy to give it more resistance, then I put a thin layer of porcelain, you know, to give it a little bit of filler and when this layer had dried I began to add epoxy in order to start defining the shape of the helmet, After the epoxy was dry I started to give a better finish to the helmet surface with a sandpaper, and when it was well polished I started to work on the details, such as the helmet visor, the same vertical lines I had already made for the armor, and some holes that the helmet has. Once the head was finished I glued it to the body with a good amount of epoxy putty and glue. Then I began to work on some of the final details of the armor, if you look for these I used porcelain, this is because when it comes to shapes or details that are like sheets or very thin pieces I prefer the porcelain because when it dries it has some flexibility, so if they were made in epoxy and I tried to bend these, they would simply break, while with the porcelain they would bend a little. So as you can see I made some thin sheets and then I cut them with the desired shapes and glued them to the figure. Later I began to work on the base, I lost a little of the recording in this part, that’s why the base already looks so advanced, but the process is not something otherworldly either, I simply made a small “arepita” in porcelain, I waited for it to dry and then I completely coated it with epoxy and once the epoxy was completely dry I used a few sandpapers, I used quite a lot, this part was also tedious because dry epoxy is very hard and getting a smooth surface was difficult (oh God):( I sanded a lot for the base to get a good finish the part of the recording where I glued the base and the figure was also lost, so fuck you i guess… and as you can see I also gave some texture and details to the base, I wanted it to be something similar to the texture of the floor in Sen’s fortress. While the base and the figure were drying I started working on the sword, in this case is a zweihander. I don’t know how to pronounce it, go to hell, it wasn’t very difficult to make, I just made a drawing of it on a small sheet of paper with the size it should be in relation to the figure, and I must say that it’s a big fucking sword, it’s almost as long as the figure itself. I cut a wire with the size of this sword, I made the part of the blade with epoxy putty, obviously at the beginning it looked like an elongated turd, but with the magic of the sandpaper it got pretty. then I made all the details of the handle with epoxy putty which I then retouched with sandpaper to give it a good finish. And once the handle was ready I made the hand, it was not so difficult, considering that the hand is one of the most difficult parts to make, but let’s say that in this specific pose is not something very complicated, I simply made this square that i glued to the handle and then I made another square to make the fingers, Since these were not separated there was no need to make them one by one, just with a little square that I separate with a needle was enough, of course once the finger separations were already made I cut a little in the tip of these to make the difference in the length between the fingers, then I added the thumb and it was done. For the shield, i followed a very similar process to that of the base, I made the basic shape that in this case was some kind of mountain, I covered it with epoxy I waited for it to dry and I gave it a good sanding, except in the upper part that I wanted it with texture, so I put a layer of epoxy and before it dried I gave it texture with a sandpaper. then I put these lines, nothing from another world, a handle for the shield (in porcelain) and a hand in the same pose as the hand of the sword and finally I did the sharp thing that the shield has. Finally I assembled all the pieces and if you notice I also put some straps with porcelain in some parts and with that the sculpture was finished so it was time to paint, although the epoxy is quite good in many aspects such as strength in pieces with enough volume, how easy it is to give texture or how excellent it is to work mechanical or robotic shapes, one of the weakest aspects of the material is that it does not get along very well with the paint, it is not as receptive as porcelain, which is excellent for painting, the recommendable thing in these cases is always to prime the surface but I do not have primer and in the city where I live I do not know where to get it, I’m sure it has to be found somewhere but I haven’t located it yet so I started to paint the figure directly and then i planned to put some fine layers of gloss varnish and then a layer of opaque varnish, which is not the best but works, meets the goal of protecting the paint enough. As you can see I started to paint the armor with a light gray, as the surface was already gray there was not much trouble in painting it in this color, with a few layers was enough and once all parts of the armor were already painted I continued with the other colors such as the very dark brown of the pants and the silver of the sword and shield. And that’s it, the figure is finished! i don’t know how long it took but I had to pause for a while for personal reasons, then I continued and again I had to stop, so I slowly was able to finish it, it is definitely the most difficult figure I have made for the channel, there are many details in some points, like I said it got a bit tedious but I think the result was worth it, it’s one of my favorite dark souls characters I honestly like it more than solaire, please don’t kill me so I’m glad I was able to make this figure, remember to leave me your opinions, suggestions or criticisms in the comments, remember to also give it like, subscribe and all those things, see you in a next video bye.


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