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Hello My windshield brace is a common question Threaded rod is connected to two M16 extension nuts Here and there M16 extension nuts And between is a long M16 threaded rod filled with M16 extension nuts And some angle iron The length of threaded rod is the dimension between extension nuts + + the length of shorter extension nut, upper one is shorted in my case So when removing/installing I turn the threaded rod all the way in to upper extension nut Then I can move the lower end freely, I’ll show you All the way in And now it’s free Now I can turn the threaded rod out It’s out soon Okay it’s out Now I can remove it Carefully not to hit anything Easy When you install it, both ends go half way in to extension nut And it’s locked in place with nuts Very simple Nuts are tightened against these extension nuts This extension nut is welded to metal sheet which is bolted through the floor And similar in here I’ve had this many years One thing I might do differently now I would use M20 threaded rod instead I broke this ones when lower nut got loose But M16 works well too One time a large piece of floor cracked So the lower end could move freely But no other problems in three years That’s all This brace is heavy That’s all for now

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