Two Colors Gel Ombre nails – No Sponge

I’ll wash the brush lightly with the gel cleanser. If you press hard, the brush will break. Please be careful. I’ll dip the brush in base gel after washing. You would know why I dip it in the gel, right? If you don’t remember, review and come back! The brush is now moist. Apply color gel to both ends of the brush. Just like last time, dip the brush in a triangular shape. The color on the short part will be applied to the cuticle. Hold the long side of the brush down Rub it on the pallet. Move the brush up and down about 1mm. Come back and repeat. Repeat the same for the back of the brush. You need to load it well to create a smooth ombre. Let’s hold the long part down and start from the center of the nail. Check if the loading is done well in the center Check if the loading is done well in the center Move the brush in one stroke to get a smoother finish. Use the opposite side of the brush for the right side of your nail. For the cuticle, use a flat brush. Set the cuticle lines with the same color and connect downwards. Fill the cuticle lines thoroughly. If the connection isn’t smooth, make it look natural by stroking from left to right. Use the flat brush on the pre-edge as well. Fill it with the color used below Connect from left to right. 1코트 완성 후 큐어해주세요. We will repeat the same process for the second coat Reload the color into the angle brush Apply from the center. Move the brush as horizontal as possible If you can’t use the brush with straight strokes, it will result in an uneven ombre! Cuticle and Free Edge will use a flat brush Fill it as if it’s full coloring Use the horizontal technique to connect smoothly Please use the wood stick to fix the blemishes After filling the free edge finely, Connect borders smoothly with horizontal technique Cure after thoroughly filled. Make your nails smooth with Clear Gel. If you want a deeper color, you can finish after 3 coats. ombre complete! Practice makes perfect! Practice hard and see you next time. By~~~~e

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