Two Minute Tip – Crafty Storage & Organization: Brutus Monroe Ink Dauber Storage

hi everyone welcome it’s a hedgehog
hollow today’s 2-minute tip is a storage one which I know is one of your
favorites and I discovered a new product that I wanted to share with you so I
grabbed one of the new Brutus Munroe blender swatch boards and I do post this
on my Facebook page when it came out but I want you to order one to be able to
show it to you and I think it’s a really great idea
so Christopher came up with this idea for our blending foam so you can use it
either with the new nouveau blending of firms or with the Ranger ones so it’s a
clipboard format you can fit 20 blending foams on here now I did do a video not
that long ago of how to store your blending frames underneath your ink pads
now for some of you I know that doesn’t work if you didn’t see that video you
can check out in the top right hand corner I store mine underneath my ink
pads because that works for me but I really like the edge of being able to
use this when I have a project in progress but how does that work well
what you can do is whilst I’m crafting I can be blending away and then all I
could do is grab my blending foam and then I just stick it down onto my board
so I use the next one and then I grab it again and stick it down onto my board
now the idea is is that I can write the ink color I use if I want you to use
this as my permanent storage solution then I would just stick that blending
phone down and I could write to stress oxide or with maybe deep distress oxide
and wilted violet or I could grab my pea touch which are again a link in the
video description this will also be linked in the video description for you
and I could write down my label and I can just put them all on here they’re
going to stick perfectly and then when I’m ready to go you can just peel them
off the velcro piece so I thought this was a really neat solution and of course
you could put the ball on there you could put multiples together and stack
them up the ink would probably rub off slightly but maybe put a layer of paper
in between or no press and seal I just thought it was a really cool idea and
being a clipboard it has this little hanging piece so you could put a command
hook or a nail the wall and you could hang these up on
your wall so you could have them stored I think they would also look really
pretty stored up this way just reminder we blending of homes you don’t want to
mix your distress ink and your oxide blending foam that’s one thing that
Rangers do to hell you don’t want to do so if you’re going to do that maybe you
want your distress blending foam and then your distress oxide blending foam
to be next to each other so you’d have your distress ported violet and you just
dress oxide relative filer perhaps have the nouveau ones which is slightly
smaller and then the Ranger ones for your oxides and your nouveau few regular
distressing there’s a good way to distinguish and I’ll link up all the
different options in the video description the nouveau ones I think are
a much better price point and they’ve been a little bit more durable in my
opinion I’ve been using them for a little while but you have tons and tons
of options on here I really like this idea from Brutus Werner as I say all the
links for you are in that video description thank you so much for
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  • Jennifer Bruce

    I have literally just done a handmade version of this just over a week ago lol. I was getting frustrated storinc my oxide pads and came up with something very similar. Think this will be a great storage solution

  • Maria Nyce

    Thanks for sharing!

  • Carole Hirsch

    I love listening and viewing your videos your accent is awesome thanks for the inspirational ideas

  • Chris Shuk

    Love these 2 min tips and tricks, gives great quick ideas. Thanks for making these videos.

  • Ninjamom 4


  • Leslie Ramsey

    Seems like that is a lot of space for foam pads. Like you I like to store mine on the bottom of my ink pad. Maybe a smaller version for working on a project. But you could make your own with a clipboard from the dollar store.

  • S'mone C The DIYer

    Didn't even finish the video yet before running off to Dollar Tree to get some clipboards so I can make this myself. Great Idea!!!

  • Debbie Bonner

    Great idea!

  • Mary Jones

    Love ❤️ it yes thank you

  • Nancy Lynn

    Great info here Alexandra. Interestingly, the great TH has been storing his foam pads like this for a few years, except "I think" it's just a piece cardboard but it still works. I will check out the link for the clipboard. TFS Alexandra

  • By David

    hello great channel big like 164 see you later


    making this would be very simple

  • Jean Ann

    $25 for the swatch board…seriously?? We are crafters, this is a no-brainer…DYI.

  • Dorothy Mutafopulos


  • John richard

    Great idea! I’m not sure it’s a $25.00 idea for me, though. I always like Christopher ‘s ideas, he’s so creative. Thank you for the demo, Alexandra! ~ Katz

  • Susan Johnson

    Love these tips !!!


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