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Hey what’s up! This is Tim with Tactics, and I’m here to help you find the best type of skateboard wheel for you. There’s three main types of skateboard wheels, park and street wheels, cruiser wheels, and longboard wheels Park and street wheels are lightweight, roll fast on smooth surfaces, and slide easily. These are the kind of wheels you should get if you’re wanting to do flip tricks, or skate ledges, rails, or bowls. They’re made of the hardest urethane which makes them more slippery, but they also make you more vulnerable to pebbles and big cracks in the pavement. They range anywhere from 50 to 60 millimeters in diameter, and range in hardness from 95a
to 104a. Cruiser wheels, sometimes also called filmer wheels, are similar to
park and street wheels but they are significantly softer for rolling smoothly and quietly over cracks and rough pavement. They’re usually slightly larger than park and street wheels but not so big that they won’t fit on a regular skateboard. Putting cruiser wheels on any standard skateboard setup will turn it into a great cruiser for getting around town These wheels range from about 54 to 60
millimeters in diameter, and range in hardness from 78a to 90a. We recommend putting some risers on your board if you’re getting wheels that are bigger than 56 millimeters. This will give you a little more clearance to avoid the wheel bite. Longboard wheels are the biggest and softest wheels available they’re designed to roll over any pavement and keep their grip through corners. Longboard wheels come in a huge variety of shapes and sizes and many are designed to perform in specific ways such as carving, sliding, or racing. These wheels will range from 60 to 75 millimeters in diameter and range and
hardness from 75a to 85a. If you want more detailed information on longboard wheels, check out our longboarding guides. If you got any questions at all leave
them in the box below, or just give us a call and we’ll help you get the answers you need.

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    What are the best wheels for riding on uneven sidewalks. Unpaved streets.


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