UCF School of Visual Arts and Design: Empty Bowls – Central Florida

[gentle piano music] – Empty Bowls is an
amazing international event and what it really targets is using art, ceramics in this case, as a vehicle for social change. And it began in 1991 with Lisa Blackburn and John Hartom in Michigan. They provided a luncheon. Ultimately it caught on so
big because it raised money for their local food bank
and it made a difference, it was a change agent in their community, that they started a 501(c)(3), and now it’s utilized all over the nation. – It’s an absolute pleasure to be able to give something
back to the community with the education that we’re receiving here at the university. You know, we’re learning
to do these things, but we’re members of the larger community and in giving back and being a part of making it better for somebody else, we’re using our craft in
a way that other majors might not be able to use their craft. – It’s really a win-win
situation for students. They get the practice of making bowls, and then the end receivers will be getting the donated fund, will be, they receive the help that they need. – We are one of the beneficiaries, alongside another non-profit. All the proceeds that we get
from the Empty Bowls project, half and half will go
to the Knights Pantry and to the UGO other organization. – It isn’t just enough
to care about things, to be actively involved. To say that something needs to be changed, it’s certainly good to
call attention to it, but actually rolling up your sleeves and working with other
people to make that change, that’s where the real good feelings comes. I end up feeling, you
know, remarkably fulfilled out of just a little bit of
effort to help someone else. And I hope that the people
that come and attend our event get that same feeling
because it’s important, with our families, with our
friends and our community, to feel like we’re
investing more of ourselves into one another, because
that’s how we get stuff back. That’s how life works.

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