uMake – Getting Started – Sketch Planes

Hello and welcome to another uMake Tutorial,
in this Tutorial I’m going to teach you about the Sketch Plane tool and how in enables you
to easily sketch in 3D space in uMake. Imagine that this piece of paper is a movable
plane and if I sketch a curve on this plane and then move it, that curve will stay right
where I Initially sketched it in 3D space. If I sketch another curve like this, and then
another curve like this, I will end up with a three dimensional sketch. That the concept behind sketch planes in uMake. So let’s see how they work! The first thing I’m going to touch on really
quickly are the axes in uMake. You have the X Axis in red, the Y Axis in
green, and the Z axis in blue. Where these intersect this center point here
we call it the ‘Origin Point’ in between these axes you basically have 3 planes that are
criss-crossing – you have a plane like this, a plane going like this, and then this flat
plane here that you can see where the grid is. You can see these planes if I go to the orthographic
views – this is the front view – If I sketch a curve there and then go to the side view
and sketch a curve like this and then go to the top view and sketch a curve like that
– you see where those planes are based on where I sketched these curves. These are kind of like default sketch planes. If you want to move these sketch planes or
create your own sketch planes then there is a really cool way to do that. Let’s jump in and show you how to do that! I’m going to go back to the front view and
say that I want to draw a curve over here. I’m going to tap and hold until I get this
red dot and these dashed lines. Then what I’m going to do is I’m going to
orbit around this point like this – and you can see that there is a grid right now and
if I sketch a curve on that grid you will see that that curve is located there, but
if I keep orbiting that grid is going to change – you see that – the grid changed – and now
if I sketch a curve its going to be essentially perpendicular to the other curve I drew, but
it’s going to have moved. So I moved this plane over here between the
Y and Z axes over by placing that sketch plane point there. I can basically place a sketch plane point
anywhere in space and then sketch on it. The plane will change based on the orientation
of the camera. So you see if I orbit up like this and then
I sketch a curve like that, I’ve elevated that curve because that plane – that sketch
plane has been moved up. So essentially keep in mind if you tap and
hold and get one of these red dots you now have created a sketch plane and that sketch
plane changes based on the orientation of the camera. As you orbit around in space the camera, the
sketch plane will change as you can see right there. So it keeps changing as I move around. So that is a single point sketch plane. There is another type of sketch plane that
is called a ‘two point sketch plane’. So If I want to create a pretty cool shape,
I can tap and hold at the end of this point here, and tap and hold on the end of that
point and now I have a two point sketch plane. You can see that the grid is now at an an
angle and again, if I move around with the Orbit tool, you will see that that plane changes. Now keep in mind you will see that if I move
down like this, that plane becomes really grey, it is still there, that grid is still
there, and you can see the two dots, but you don’t see the dashed lines. If I try to sketch a curve it’s going to disappear,
it means that I cant’s sketch a curve, but if I come up just a little bit, you will see
these dashed lines I can sketch a curve between them, and like I said, depending on how you
orient the camera that will change the type of curve that you can draw. So there are two different planes and I drew
two different curves. Similarly, I’m going to create anther kind
of complex curve, or plane, I can do another two point sketch plane and again, depending
on the orientation of the camera the planes change and if I want to sketch a curve between
those two points I can do that with ease. So now I’ve created a pretty complex shape
kind of floating in space completely ignoring the default planes using sketch planes. I hope this tutorial was helpful and easy
to understand. Definitely experiment on your own – essentially
keep in mind that you can tap and hold to create a sketch plane orbit around to change
the way the plane appears or where you want to sketch, and if you want to get out of the
sketch plane simply double tap anywhere in space and that will exit out of the sketch
plane tool. I hope this tutorial was helpful, if you have
any comments, questions or feedback for us, definitely let us know on our YouTube, Facebook,
Instagram or Twitter channels, we would love to hear from you. Take care and have a great day!


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