Unboxing: Pentalic Watercolor Pencils

Hello! IchiDoodles here, I’m Ichi and uh.. I’m here to unbox a tin of watercolor pencils..so..
its 24 colors and it came from a brand called Pentalic can you see it? I’ll probably post the colors later on. My friend gave me this from her trip and uhm..
let’s get right to unboxing it…yeah. So.. I think it has uhm.. 24 colors , and uh I’ll probably take a photo
of it later. and this is how it looks like in the back. Its a metal tin..let’s try opening it. Its a hinged tin, it has hinges on its side…foam..and
watercolor pencils …they look really bright I will test it out later. Alright lets grab one of these pencils, lets
get a bright orange-peach thing, so it has a label here Pentalic Aqua..I guess it doesn’t
have the name of the color pencil or watercolor pencil. So here I labeled them as best as I could,
so we have Grey, Black, Dark Brown, Medium Brown, Light Brown, Clay Yellow, Dark Pink,
Carmine, Vermillion, Cherry Red, Orange, Ivory, Golden Yellow, Lemon Yellow, Yellow Green,
Emerald Green, Olive, Dark Green, Light Blue, Ocean Blue, Lavender, Blue-Violet, Dark Blue,
and White. Since you can’t see the white, I’m going to
see how it mixes with Black and Vermillion For color pencil- I mean for watercolor pencils
they came out pretty nice, they’re pretty pigmented, they can be used to assist in your watercolors. Thank you for watching and if you have any
comments and questions, I’ll try and answer them as best as I can. And if you’re interested for seeing more art
videos, please don’t forget to subscribe. Thank You!

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