Understanding Fractions Using The Paper Folding Method

The aim of this activity is to understand
fraction by paper folding. We will need paper, a ruler compass and pencil,
scissors and color pen. Before we began, draw a circle of an appropriate
size using the compass and cut it out. Cut two more circle of the same size.
Let us take one circular piece and fold it to divided in to two halves so that the boundaries
of the path overlap with each other. Press and draw a line along the crease.
Shade one part of the circle and write 1/2 to represent one half.
Take the second cut out piece and fold it to four equal parts.
Unfold the paper and shade any one part Write 1/4 to represent the one fourth.
Similarly divide the third cut out into four equal halves and shade any three parts.
Write 3/ 4 to represent the three fourths The shaded portion show 1/2, 1/4 and 3/4 of
a circles.


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