Unpoppable Balloon | Design Squad

Hi, I’m Deysi from Design Squad
and I’m here with: (balloon sputters, kids giggle) What would happen if I put this skewer
through the balloon? It’s going to pop. (pop) Woo! (laughing) (gasps) She is putting a skewer
through the balloon and trying to make it
not pop. And it worked! This is
the unpoppable balloon! Try to put the skewer through the thickest part
of the balloon. The thick part of the
balloon is the darker part. Same on the other side. I’m going to stick it in
the thin part of the balloon. Oop! (giggling)
There it goes! I think you’d better use the
thick part of the balloon. In it goes. I want to see what happens
when I pull the stick back out. I just think the air’s going
to go, “foosh!” Whoa, it just sealed right up! It sealed! SAM: O-M-G!
DEYSI: Sealed it right up. Rubber is made of long springy
chains of molecules. Pushing the skewer
into these molecules is like putting your finger
into a bowl of cooked spaghetti. The spaghetti pushes aside, and when I remove my finger,
the spaghetti closes up again. The spaghetti behaves
like the rubber molecules. There you go. ERIK: It reminded me of poking
a straw through a juice box. I think there’s like rubber
or plastic or something in here that seals around the straw just
like the rubber on the balloon sealed around the skewer. That’s probably why
Erik didn’t spill it while he was drinking
it upside down. The unpoppable balloon
is a great magic trick. And then, you pull it back out, and your friends and
family might not think this is a real skewer. You can prove that
to them like this. (giggling) DEYSI: Instructions to create
your own unpoppable balloon are on the Design Squad website. Try that again. You prove that to them
like this.

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