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– Hey friends, it’s Courtney. Be sure to click that
subscribe button down below. So for today’s video, we’re gonna be talking about Urban Decay. You know I love Urban
Decay, they have been one of my favorite beauty
brands for a long time. I think I really got into
Urban Decay in 2010, 2011 and they make a ton of
products that I love like their lip pencils, their eyeliners, their bullet lipstick, their eyeshadows, their moondust, their blush,
I’m super into the brand. So, I have a review video for you today on the new Urban Decay
Stay Naked foundation. Is it a hit or a miss for me? So before we jump into this review, let me tell you about my skin. I’m 41 years old, I’ve got
fine lines under my eyes, I’ve got a little bit of texture right here in my cheek
from some acne scarring, I’ve got seborrheic
dermatitis that comes out in between my brows here
and along my hairline, it’s under control right
now, but whenever you see me having flakes on my scalp, that’s related to my
seborrheic dermatitis. My skin is sensitive,
I’ve got, like I said, I have that little bit of texture here, I have a little bit of
hyperpigmentation under my eyes, and I’m fair complective which means that often I’m the lightest
shade in a foundation range, or, they don’t have a
shade that matches me because the lightest shade
is gonna turn orange. So that is my life. Let me tell you about my skin tone. So, my skin tone is neutral
to cool yellow olive, I say this because my
best foundation matches say that they are neutral, neutral cool, cool, cool yellow, or cool yellow olive. Seems pretty self explanatory, but I wanted to spell that out. My current best foundation
match is Milk Makeup Porcelain. Another great match for me
is IDUN Minerals jorunn, Smashbox .1, Cover FX
Total Cover Cream in N0, Huda Beauty Milkshake,
Smith & Cult 100 Neutral, and Too Faced Born This Way Cloud, those are all shades that
look really good on me. So let me tell you what I’m
looking for in a foundation. I want a foundation that’s
light to medium coverage, it needs to blur my imperfections. That means I don’t wanna see
it emphasizing my fine lines, I don’t wanna see it
emphasizing pores or texture, I don’t wanna see it emphasizing anything on my face that I don’t like. It needs to have a skin-like finish because I prefer to be natural looking, I don’t like to look like I’m heavy or wearing a mask or cakey,
I want you to see the light move over my skin and
have it look like skin, and I wanna be seamless, so it has to have a perfect color match. I won’t add white to foundation anymore because it changes the consistency
and texture which I hate. I do often thin out
foundation to make it more light medium coverage
when it’s full coverage, I’ll thin it out with my
primer, but that’s about it. Also, a foundation for me needs to be able to wear for at least 10 hours
because I need to be able to have a days worth
of wear come out of it. If it wears longer, that’s even better. All right, so let me tell you about the Urban Decay Stay Naked foundation. It comes in 50 shades
and they have the shades broken up like this, there
are three master tones and then seven undertones
among those 50 colors. It is a medium, buildable coverage formula that’s supposed to have
a skin-like finish. It’s also supposed to last up to 24 hours. So on paper, this sounds pretty much like a perfect foundation for me. I’m gonna go ahead and
insert some swatches for you right here and that will
show you this foundation compared to some of my other
fair foundation swatches just to give you an idea of how it looks. As you know, I love Urban Decay, I loved the original
Naked Skin foundation. I didn’t have a perfect shade match, but I would add white to it
to make it a better match. I also really loved the Urban
Decay One and Done formula, which was freakin’
fantastic, but I had to add over 60% white to it to make
it anywhere near my skin tone, which, I got really tired of doing that because that changed the
consistency, so it wasn’t fine. So with this, I had super high hopes that it was gonna be amazing. So I did a wear test with the Urban Decay
Stay Naked foundation, I did check ins on my Instagram stories, and I even recorded video footage of it, and it was pretty much a disaster. It looked beautiful upon
initial application, I could see the blurring technology on my skin and everything, but,
it seemed like after an hour it started breaking down. It did not matter which
primer I used it with, if I used it with primer, without primer, with setting spray, without setting spray, with setting powder,
without setting powder, I could not make this work for me. It hates my skin. I don’t know why it hates my skin but it did not like it at all. With my dry sensitive skin, I expected that it would kinda stay in place all day, and it didn’t. It would separate, it
would emphasize texture because it would sink into all of my pores and my fine lines, it would change color, so my face would be kind of orange and it just basically was
a nightmare on my skin. It made me so sad. Yeah, I really don’t know why the Urban Decay Stay Naked
foundation does not work for me. On paper, it looked like it
would be my perfect foundation, but in reality, it was
definitely a nightmare. So, if you have skin like
mine, if you’re 41 years old and you have dry skin that’s
sensitive with rosacea, you may hate this foundation
just as much as I did. So I have seen so many other bloggers and YouTubers raving about this foundation and I wish I understood why it worked for them and not for me. It just does not like my skin at all. It makes me so sad. So, Urban Decay, I love
you, but this foundation does not get a passing grade from me, it gets a fail because it does
not work on my skin at all. Who is this foundation for? I don’t know. The people that I see who
like it tend to be younger and I think they tend to have oily skin. If I had to guess, I
think that this foundation would be better for normal to oily skin and it’s just, I don’t know,
it does not work on my skin, maybe it’s because I’m old
or older, I don’t know. It just doesn’t work for me. And I really, really wish it did. So because I love Urban Decay, even though this foundation
doesn’t work for me, I wanna do a giveaway. I’m gonna be giving away a bunch of Urban Decay Vice lipsticks because you know that’s my
favorite lipstick formula. So to enter this giveaway,
all you’re gonna have to do is click on the Rafflecopter link that’s in the description box below and enter through the Rafflecopter widget. That’s the only way to enter this giveaway is through the Rafflecopter widget. So I hope you found my Urban Decay Stay Naked
foundation review helpful. If you liked this video, please give it a thumbs up and share. If you didn’t like this
video, hit thumbs down and tell me why you don’t like it. I wanna know. I mean really, it just didn’t work for me, that’s why I didn’t like, so
why wouldn’t you like that? If you’re wondering what to watch next, check up here because I’m gonna
suggest the best foundation that I have found for my skin so far, which is the best foundation for summer. It lasts over 12 hours out
in the heat and humidity here in Tampa, Florida when
I’m sweating like crazy, so it’s so good. And YouTube is gonna
suggest a video down here that’s just perfect for you. I’ll see ya next time, bye-bye.


  • Ever So Strange

    It's always so hard to find a foundation for dry older skin. I liked your honest opinion. I did buy the fenty hydrating foundation the new one, so far so good. Maybe try that one next.

  • Chelsea Lee

    I have oily skin, middle aged and stayed well but my pores looked even more huge than normal.

  • RinaReviews

    Thanks for letting us know! I tried one of the free samples but the shade wasn't close enough and I didn't leave it on long enough to do a test. I also have dry skin, with what I am suspecting to be early rosacea (still need to get to a dermatologist to get this checked out, but the new patient waiting list in 7 months long…), and I also have dermatitis on my scalp and sometimes my eczema flares up on my face as well. It can be hard to find anything that works, and I gave up on it for a long time!

  • trinity nikole

    It's a shame that it didn't work for your skin! I've heard good things about it, but I'm really loving the PUR Cosmetics 4 in 1 Love Your Selfie foundation right now, so I probably won't pick it up anytime soon. Love your eyeshadow in this video too!!

  • allespillepalle

    I’ve been waiting for your review since you’ve posted about it on Reddit! 🙂 So excited.

  • T Statman

    Ah love that you're so honest that it didn't work out for you! I hope you find something that is the all cure for foundation!

  • Kristy Shields

    Yeah, this was a no from me. I'm interested in the new ABH one, though.

  • Sharon Baker

    Such a bummer that it didn’t work for you!! I agree that it seems those who are liking it are younger.
    I tend to prefer full coverage, which probably isn’t ideal for my 52 year old skin, but pores and broken vessels are truly annoying! Though I don’t wear makeup every day, which maybe that will change one day. Long story. Anyway! I don’t think this foundation is for me either. I must say I’m curious about Milk’s formula now that I’ve watched your video. I’ve been using either KVD in light 44 cool or NYX CSWS in Nude light neutral (not the best match, actually the KVD is closer, but it’s nearly gone, and I’m not repurchasing)…I should get a sample, and maybe a sample of the Hydro Grip? Then I need to figure out SPF…many things to consider..,
    You’ve given me a lot to think about, and I like that! Thanks for the video!!!???

  • badtothebrow

    I have an oily t zone and I LOVE this foundation! I can see how it would not work on people with dry skin due to how it dries down. One of the top ingredients is alcohol so it would not be good on dry skin sensitive skin. I’m even going to use it sparingly only when I’m going somewhere like a wedding that my makeup needs to last. Definitely not an everyday foundation with all that alcohol ? your review is so thorough and I love the shade comparison swatches!

  • honey&company

    It sucks the foundation didn’t work for you, but we can talk about how freaking gorgeous your eye look is?!?

  • Emily Rachel Gilley

    You look great in this video even if you hate the foundation, then again I think the light in your new setup may be slightly blown out? Anyway, I hate that there are so many matte full coverage foundations coming out. Ugh, I'm too old for those! Grrr

  • Lolli Hamilton

    Oh my gosh I can't get over how utterly stunning you look ❤️❤️❤️? I'm loving this foundation so far and am finding it really quick and easy to apply but I love seeing everyone else's reviews as everyone's skin is different ?

  • Mamínka Meadors

    It is because of reviews like this one that I have become such a huge fan of your channel! You tell us your honest opinion and why you feel that way. Respectful honesty is so vital and rare in the social media world. When everything is all about photoshop, likes, followers and subscribers it is a breath of fresh air to find a honest and kind influencer. Thank you for being YOU! ??⭐️?

  • Tessa L. Castro

    Today's makeup look???

  • Rachel Runyan

    I've heard a few other people say it didn't work for them. Great giveaway, though! Your eye look is insanely gorgeous.

  • SarahJane

    You're 41! I just turned 40 this year and all this time watching you I though you had to be younger than me. You don't look that old! Beautiful as always!
    I've seen a lot of people not happy with this foundation and are upset UD is discontinuing their old one. I don't watch too many under 30 youtubers though.

  • Kellie Collins

    This eye look is so beautiful ? Would love a tutorial! ✨

  • TartarusIvy

    Thank you for this. You just saved me money. I have similar skin concerns to you.

  • Paul

    Lovee your look and style! UD is awesome ???

  • Marcia Friedman

    I only tried a sample of it but it separated on my skin too. I don't think everything works for everyone – just like with food and books we each have different needs, wants, and likes.

  • Judy Schmidt

    I have worn this foundation several times now and I’m surprised I like it. It’s not my favorite (I actually hate the cap/how easy the cap comes off of it when I carry it with me in my purse) but it wears on me throughout the day very well, I found a great color match and it doesn’t accentuate my pores or lines. I have a review going up this week as well. Juvia’s Place is probably the foundation I’ve tried recently that I’m most disappointed by.

  • SaucerJess


  • Cin Seven

    this one disappointed me with performance as well. It separated, just generally didn’t look very nice after about 8 hrs, and no shade match for me.

  • Patricia Schmidt

    Gorgeous eyes!

  • jcjccmz

    I have seen mostly negative reviews of this fndn. I don't know why they had to discontinue the original Naked foundation. I tried this in a better shade match for me but I think the high level of alcohol in this formulation irritated my skin. I've been breaking out since trying it 4 days ago. ? I loved the original.

  • Glamorable

    Your eye makeup is seriously amazing, I couldn't stop staring! ??

  • Amberger Helper

    I’ve heard so many opinions why foundations oxidize. What’s your personal opinion? ?

  • Atelier Marketing Collective

    I have a similar skin type to you so it's great to get your insight into this foundation. I'm always interested in hearing about recommendations for foundations for dry skin people living in hot weather (i.e. foundations that won't melt off your face). Love the purple and yellow eye look you've got going on.

  • jackytheripper

    I haven't tried this one yet, but I intend to. I've tried a lot of foundations that don't work for my skin and I'm still looking for "the one'

  • Rebecca R.

    I tried a free sample , despised it. It didn't look good on me even when freshly applied. It had good coverage for evening out skin tone, but it emphasized all the flaws in skin texture. It's not good for mature skin, even if oily.

  • faeriecrypt

    I wonder what is up with that foundation; so many people seem to dislike it. Oh, well, at least we have several options! Thanks for sharing and for the opportunity to win UD goodies. <3

  • Christie Cat

    Love all your videos, but do miss seeing Phaedra and Nyx.???Beautiful eye look!??

  • AliceintheRabbitHole

    Yeah, it sounds like it's not for dry skin, and with all the new foundation releases this summer, I'll pass. I'm interested in Fenty's the most right now!

  • Tiffany Hamblen

    Thanks for the review! I love the swatches but they went by too fast. Thanks again!

  • GoopySlimeSpider

    I had the same issue with it breaking down on my skin as well. It also oxidized like mad just like the All-Nighter. The only foundation from Urban Decay that I've had luck with was the original Naked. Even then the palest shade is my summer shade unless I add in Manic Panic's Dreamtone tone. I don't like having to add a huge quantity of mixing medium to get a shade match. ?

  • Kristin House

    Thank you
    Thank you
    Thank you
    I’m so excited to find a fellow elder goth who is pale AF like I am and actually does makeup I can get behind. (Especially one who has the exact same skin I do as well as being in a hot climate) I’m in Texas so I have to have a foundation that can handle 100+ temps!

  • Rebecca Lyn Oberstadt

    Thanks for your overview of this. As a fellow pale Floridian I appreciate it. Also could you do a video swatching all of your foundations and concealers and talking about why you have or use each one and which ones are best for certain things? Like a pros and cons type list?

  • Ashley P

    Thank you for your honest review! I have skin similar to yours. I decided to skip this one. I just ordered the Anastasia Beverly Hills Luminous foundation. I couldn’t find many swatches not on their own website. I went with 110C.

  • fieryredhead23

    I noticed you swatched the Milk Makeup Flex Foundation stick in Porcelain. Do you like that formula on your skin type? I'm 34 and have very dry skin and fine lines, so many foundations emphasize any dry patches I might have, as well as settle into my lines, especially on my forehead.

  • jellofiend

    I like the foundation but it broke me out on the first use :/ also don’t like the high alcohol content

  • Nessa Vega

    Thank you so much for your honesty. I have dry/sensitive skin, and although this foundation did work for me, it was so difficult to even find one honest review that wasn’t sponsored/entirely positive with zero cons!

  • Brooke P

    I have this in my cart to buy. A sample card came in the mail from a Sephora order and I matched to 31NN (a far cry from where I thought I'd be lol). From that one try I liked it enough to buy it and give it a go. My skin is aging (almost 39 over here) but you know I'm oily AF. I'll LYK what I think once it arrives and I can play around with it.


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