Urban Sketching course

Wouldn’t you like to learn to make art on location To draw and watercolor street scenes … buildings … cars … and people? Well, you can and we’ll show you how Welcome to Urban Sketching at Sketchbook Skool Each week, you’ll join a different artist in the studio, then hit the streets of a different great city Jason will show you around the honky tonk of New Orleans. Liz will take you across Sydney Harbor to study architecture Miguel will show you Barcelona and teach you how to tackle even the most complex street scene. Lapin will teach you to draw a cool food
truck and then invite you to a Spanish artists’ dinner that turns into a delicious portrait party And Nina will take you out to watercolor the streets of Stockholm. Your teachers will show you all their tools and their techniques, open their sketch books, share stories and lessons they’ve learned from drawing around the world. They’ll inspire you, encourage you, and help you fill the pages of your own urban sketchbook. Explore your hometown and get more out of your travels. More than just another drawing class, Urban Sketching will help you to truly see the world. Enroll today!

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