Urban Sketching: Draw A Map!

Welcome to draw tip Tuesday!h Here’s your weekly dose of inspiration to build a creative habit. One drawing at a time. brought to you by sketchbook Skool Last week we made a contour drawing of a building – now let’s improve our urban sketching by adding something extra: a map! When you draw a building, the drawing can have a lot of character, but you could also personalize it by adding a map of where the drawing is located. it can be a simple map of the streets and a pin where the building is with a little help from Google Maps it’s a simple thing to do I’m adding a few extra spots on my map places to go for a drink or bite to eat in close proximity of this church I’ll add a few colors to clarify the things I’m pointing out. doing an map like this is especially fun if you want to remember certain places you visit either in your own town, or when traveling to more exotic places. what kind of map could you add to your drawing? big or small, it doesn’t matter. It’s a great way to give some extra information to your urban sketch and there’s a lot more to learn about illustrative maps and that’s why I’ll be taking a class all about it at sketchbook school taught by map making expert Nate Padavick. are you joining me? go to sketchbookskool.com and sign up today!


  • mike zollo

    that is interesting, like a combination of google maps and your own drawing,…Nice

  • Jason David

    I love maps. This is a nice tip. Thanks!


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