Use Snip & Sketch to take a screenshot in Windows 10

>>Have you ever wanted
to capture and share what’s on your computer screen
and don’t know how? Snipping tool is
a popular Windows app that allows you to take snips. But, we learned you
wanted it to do more. We’ve created a new modernized
version called Snip & Sketch. The app available with Windows
10 October 2018 Update, gives you greater control
over how you snip. It makes it easy to personalize and share what’s
on your computer screen. Hi, my name is Filip, and I am from the Windows
engineering Team. Let me walk you through some of the fun things you can do
with a new Snip & Sketch app. The first thing to know is that Snip & Sketch is super easy to find. Just hit the Windows
key or open Start. Start typing “Snip & Sketch” and press Enter once the app
is found to launch it. Then, press the “New” button
to start snipping. You can also press Windows key Shift-S instead of launching the app to start
snipping immediately. The shortcut will provide you with three snipping options: rectangle, free form, or full screen. Once you snip the portion
of the screen, a notification and
preview will appear. Clicking the image will take you
to the app where you can edit it with all the
available drawing tools before sharing with others. You can even take snips with the PRINT SCREEN key. To enable
it, go to Settings, type “print screen”, and enable
the print screen shortcut. Now, you can snip anything
anytime, including pop ups, by simply pressing
the PRINT SCREEN key. If you have a digital pen, you can use the app with one click. To enable it, go to Settings and type “Bluetooth
& other devices”, then select “Pen & Windows Ink” and modify the pen shortcut options
with a screen snipping option. Let me show you how to use
the Snip & Sketch app. Let’s start with a delay function. Next to the New button, you’ll see an icon that
looks like a down arrow. This allows you to Snip with
a three or ten-second delay. The delay option can be especially helpful when trying
to capture a pop up. It’s like a camera timer
for your computer screen. You can share it right
away or mark it up with Windows Ink brushes like pen, pencil, or highlighter
using your mouse or pen. And if you have a touch
screen, you can tap the Touch Writing icon
to draw with your fingers. You also have an eraser, a ruler to help you
with straight lines, and a cropping function to adjust
the size of your snip. All done with your work? Press the Save icon
to save it to a file. Press the Copy button to place the edited snip in your clipboard
and paste it in another app, or press the Share button
to share with others. To print your snip, click the
three dots and select Print. We hope you find this video helpful. Enjoy exploring Snip & Sketch. Please share your
thoughts and ideas in the Feedback Hub by
pressing Windows key F. Thank you for watching
and have a great day! [MUSIC]


  • 河端善博

    Nice, thank you, I'm using Snap & Sketch by Prn key.
    I hope to draw Rectangle feature, for draw box to attention area 😃

  • Zoltan Sabjan

    Thanks. Now to be useful, it should be able to upload the images to any popular image sharing sites, but as far as I see it only offers "sharing" by mail.

  • oboudreaux

    I see this is replacing the snip tool, that would be great and all if this new application actually worked.

    After selecting a region to capture, it has a light blue overlay. Then nothing. Clicking the region makes it go away. Nothing is saved to the clipboard. Tried clicking in the region, outside the region, right clicking both, double clicking both. All just deselect the highlighted region.

  • Paul Nicholls

    There are some good new features. BUT where has the eraser gone. Sure you can delete all ink, but what if you only want to delete some ink????

  • Sabree Barnes

    Thank you for this video. I found it very helpful. It is also nice to see the faces behind the software. When searching the settings for various things, I noticed that you used abbreviations when abbreviations. I tried the same ones and they didn't work for me. A small note but that might be the case for others too. Over all, AMAZING!

  • V V

    the print screen button mapping is great! thanks

  • Sarah Buntain

    when I pasted to excel it made the image larger.  How do I keep it the same size.  I'm snipping from paint, pasting to excel, adding arrows and texts and need to snip and paste it back to paint without changing the size

  • David M

    OK… so, for example, I make several full screen snips during a webinar. (or windowed at times). EVERYONE does this!!!! Without missing a beat…right….
    They all get copied to clipboard (dumb as a box of rocks idea because there is no option to save). Hit (windows key) + V and see everything in clipboard. How the hell do I tell them apart. How do you get images from clipboard to Snip and Sketch app? Yes, I can paste them into MS Paint to review the ones I want. This is such a lame way of doing this…
    1) Screengrab apps need to be unobtrusive, a couple of shortcut keys, one for windowing, one for full screen, boom, the image is saved to a folder for later review or deletion…NOT THE FREEKING CLIPBOARD!!!!!! I challenge anyone to tell me what image they want to use from a group of, let's say 20 images, in the (Windows+V) clipboard viewer.
    2) Yes… I know I can use the old way of Windows Key and PrintScrn to save full screen to screenshots folder. Then I preview the ones I want by enabling preview in Explorer and delete the rest. I do not believe there is a key combination with prntscrn to "window" a screen area and auto save to screenshots folder or I would just put Snip and Sketch in the trash bin.
    3) This is a perfect example of why Windows is such a joke at times. They try to turn a simple spoon into an all purpose, please everyone, overblown, bloated, over-complicated, swiss army knife and fail miserably.
    Using the clipboard as the only option to save screengrabs is STUPID. Not having an option to use shortcut keys (related to Snip & Sketch) and SAVE TO A FOLDER is a HUGE over-site. Not surprised… been using MS since 1983. Love/hate relationship for sure…. Oh well, I wasted another 4 hours of my life figuring out a simple task that should have taken 15 minutes…

  • radiatehope radiatehope

    I love this feature & I utilize it multiple times a day! I was trying to use the protractor but the thing is too big! I'm trying to resize it so that I can actually use it.

  • Ally Low

    Why? The quick shortcut doesn't open the main app thing so u cant save without pasting into image editing program! and the program is a large annoying window not like old snipping tool. leave it alone. I would assume finctionality like mac where the shortcust droped on desktop or somthign for quick save options but noo.

  • Kovuuu

    i have no clue where to go to find my photo that i snipped… like it just dissipated

  • tobicitas

    why no text box?????????

  • Being Judged

    Filip, Relax you did a great job. Can't wait to use it could of saved me hours last Friday if I had know how to use it.

  • Rene Ange

    Please help. I used Snip in Windows 7 without a problem, but now have Windows 10. I select snip and hit "COPY" icon at top right. When I go to document to paste, there obviously is nothing on the clipboard because it does not paste anything. I have tried the icon Copy and also CNTL+C. Just will not save to clipboard. What am I doing wrong??? I watched your video, but still don't understand why it will not work. The only thing I can do is save it to desktop and then "Insert" into document.

  • Jorge Calderon

    Useless app. Tool does not support changing contrast/sharpness or resizing. When I copy to clipboard and paste into any application, the size is larger than the cropped one. Really? Are you kidding me?

  • Genius by Design

    1. cannot remove RULER or PROTRACTOR once activated

  • Genius by Design

    3. remove the drop down selection "New" for delay and just provide separate icon buttons for each on the menu bar

  • Genius by Design

    4. feature to save not only to clipboard but also/instead to a designated folder.

  • Genius by Design

    allow to save to a folder directly

  • Peggy Coleman

    I do not like this new program at all. Why not use the "If it works, don't fix it" policy? Several of us are having a hard time with this new program you call new and improved. Leave the Snipping Tool alone. If others want to use your new and improved version called Snip and Sketch let them go at it. As for me, I like the old better and would love it if it stays as it is.


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